Oh, to be Matt Leinart; Hello Tony Bennett!; Plus week 4 picks

First, ESPN.com is running a “Rock Star in Pads” story about Matt Leinart. DUH. Check out the cover pic of the story, pretty much says it all doesn’t it??

Oh, to be Matt Leinart; Hello Tony Bennett!; Plus week 4 picks

As one poster at Cougfan.com said, “so when are they going to make a Matt Leinart fantasy camp, where you are the Heisman QB on a scary-good team in LA-LA land where hot chicks wear your jersey everywhere and melt when they see you?” It’s a pretty good read:


Tony Bennett will OFFICIALLY take over the WSU hoops program when Dick steps down. No shock there, but they’ve put it in writing now so it’s 100% done. I have to admit I was at least a little concerned he might have been up for other jobs that come open the next year or so, but as Sterk said in the story today, “Tony is building this program.” Hey, he looks good in a suit too! Not Matt Leinart-good, but still, good.


Anyway, week 4 picks. I chose 7 games this week, 4 Pac-10 games plus 3 national games of interest. I see a lot of points put up in the PASS-10 this weekend!

#13 CAL (-30) @ NMex St – CAL 52, NMex St 13
#16 Notre Dame (-13.5) @ UW – Rudy’s 45, UW 30
#1 USC (-21) @ #24 Oregon – USC 55, Oregon 27
#18 ASU (-7) @ OSU – ASU 38, OSU 20

National games:
#10 Tennessee @ #4 LSU – LSU 23, Tennessee 21
#21 Iowa @ #8 Ohio State – Ohio State 17, Iowa 14
#15 Georgia Tech @ #4 Virginia Tech – VA Tech 23, Ga Tech 17

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