Oh, to only be A-Rod

Oh, to only be A-Rod. To sign an unprecedented contract only to be a cellar dweller. To ask to be sent to the Red Sox once he realized it was a possibility there was a light on in the kitchen since Manny’s SUV was slowly backing out of the garage. Then to come to an agreement for restructuring that skyscraper of a contract, only to be shot down by good old Gene Orza. What an eventful offseason this was, the highs, the lows, saying your last rights to Nomar and Manny to bring in the new blood of A-Rod and Magglio. I can’t put enough stress on how electric this offseason was for us Sox fans. I don’t think I’ve ever spent more time watching ESPN News and listening to WEEI in my life. That all ended that horrific Saturday morning when I awoke to found A-Rod was no longer available, the lusting was over.
That was then, and now A-Rod may be the best all around player in the game today, yesterday, and tomorrow, but he’s written into Red Sox lore as the biggest jerk in baseball history.
Saturday’s game was the result of many things, but 1 guy was the cause of all of it. The 13 previous batters who were hit by pitches from Arroyo put their bat down and went to first, the 14th had a problem with it and rejuvenated the Sox for hopefully the remainder of the season and post-season. It was quite clear what A-Rod was saying to Arroyo/Varitek, “F*** You…F*** You…Come on” with the hand gesture to Varitek that he wanted it. A-Rod clearly was not saying a simple “rebut and reply”…if “F*** You…F*** You…Come on” is a simple “rebut and reply” we’ve all way overstated his intelligence. “When somebody attacks, you have to protect yourself.” Or when you tell someone to ‘f-you’, are you not the instigator? And following that ‘f-you’ with a “Come on,”, please. Don’t sit there and say you were attacked, Harvard would never have accepted you after figuring out that you really aren’t that smart.
“If someone challenges you like that, I’m going to stand up to it.” I could be wrong here, but wasn’t it you, A-Rod, who dropped the F-Bomb to Tek after talking trash to Arroyo? Are you not responsible for ruining the Red Sox’ season up until that game because of all the turmoil that created in the clubhouse? I do remember the most outspoken Sox player, who’s last name is not Schilling, saying on SportsCenter that he was really looking forward to having you on the team. We already shipped two of our most beloved players off to other cities before your name was signed on the dotted line.
“I’m stronger than I look. If you hit me, you’ll break your wrist.” I still haven’t heard what Lofton did to get thrown out of the game so I’m going to guess he did something to Tek’s wrist, not you, Mr. Rod. You are a lot thicker in the head, that is the only thing you can prove if Tek did hurt himself by cracking you in the face, strength had nothing to do with him hitting you in the face, then about to be body-slammed before the swarm had erupted.
We’ve all been tricked A-Rod, thinking he really wanted to get his voters card in “The Nation”. I question whether or not he really wants his tie fighter from George. What A-Rod really wants is for us to all know his name, buy his products, and think he is a baseball god. His image is the only thing he cares about. A-Rod had to show he was part of “The Empire” by doing something that would show he’s really on their side after trying for 2 months to be on our side. The fight was on before he even was hit with the pitch, stepped into Fenway and probably before he even boarded the flight to Boston. A-Rod will never belong to the great shrine of Yankee past with Joe D, Lou, Mickey and the Babe and the current greats of Derek and Mo. He will belong in a new category, one where great players go to become a Yankee only to never be looked on as a true Yankee, I’ll call it “Wannabes.”
By David Cohen,
MVN Webmaster

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