Oklahoma Sports Betting Update – Latest News on Legal Oklahoma Sports Betting

Local sports betting is still prohibited in the state of Oklahoma. However, it’s possible that it will arrive in the state shortly. Oklahoma is one of the last states to permit sports betting, and with the current era of sports betting, residents of the state are ready to gamble on their favorite teams and other events.

Almost Legalized in 2020

Oklahoma sports betting was almost legalized in 2020 when Oklahoma announced two tribes would allow sports betting. Otoe-Missouria and Comanche Nation would have casinos that enabled sports betting in the state. The deal, however, was halted by Oklahoma’s Attorney General.

Committee Vote

For those who desire to wager on sports in the near future, the future of betting in Oklahoma appears to be bright, but there are still a few roadblocks in the way of the state allowing sports betting. The most recent house committee vote to approve the proposal was 6-4, showing it shouldn’t take that long until it’s legal.

House Bill 3008 requires substantial agreements between the state and the tribes about how each will profit from sports gambling in the state, which is why it is still illegal. Obviously, this would generate a significant amount of revenue for the state of Oklahoma, thus it shouldn’t be an issue why residents are still unable to wager in the state.

Tribal Casinos

Members of the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association are said to be interested in permitting sports betting in the state, but they are wary of taking on the bulk of the risks that come with doing so in their own tribal casinos.

Ken Luttrell, the Oklahoma Catalyst behind this bill, said he is more than prepared to meet with the tribe to discuss what precisely needs to be done in order for them to be comfortable with their choice to legalize sports betting in their casino.

If betting becomes legal in the state, the 33 tribes across Oklahoma will earn around 10% of the total amount gambled in these wagers.

Offshore Sportsbooks for Oklahoma Residents

Oklahoma gambling laws currently allow people to sign up for wagering with offshore sportsbooks. According to Ken Luttrell, legalizing sports betting would result in a $200 to 240 million revenue boost for the state. Neighboring states have likely been taking revenue from Oklahoma since legalizing the activity within their borders, says Luttrell.

You may open an account with an international online Sportsbook and place your bets without breaking any of the regulations in these states. Obviously, if sports betting were allowed in Oklahoma and they had a site in the state where they could bet, it would be much easier, and the people of Oklahoma would have many more resources.

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If they did decide to allow online sports betting at casinos, it would make a lot of sense. With a large number of casinos in Oklahoma, it’s just a matter of time before this bill is approved and the people of Oklahoma are permitted to begin betting on their favorite teams.

The Future of Sports Betting in Oklahoma

If this law passes, Oklahoma will join more than 30 other states in the United States that have legalized sports betting. There is no specific schedule for approving this law at this time but given how popular sports betting has become in America and how many states have legalized it, anticipate Oklahoma to make this choice soon.