On The 4th Day Of Cardinals Crapmas

Welcome to Cardinals Crapmas 2016.

Years ago, our friend HMW created Cardinals Crapmas to celebrate all the crap Cardinals gifts that fans of every age would be receiving over the upcoming holidays. And every December since, we’ve found more than enough material to keep this bit going.

So join us in our annual celebration of Cardinals things that people are actually buying other people in 2016…

Day 4: This Ed Easley Photo Art

I love the arts. And there’s really not much better art than a nice photograph.

If you’re a Cardinals fan, the piece of art you want to hang from your walls may or may not be a nicely framed photo of a Cardinals player.

As I was scrolling through a Google search of ‘St. Louis Cardinals Gifts’, I noticed this nice piece:


I didn’t recognize the player from the thumbnail, but once I clicked, I learned it was Ed Easley.

If you still don’t know the name – it’s understandable. Mr. Easley didn’t have the most distinguished career w/ the Cardinals. A quick glance of his time in St. Louis (2015) shows 4 games, 6 at bats and 0 hits… but he did have an RBI!

Better than you or me, right?

Might be a good novelty item now that he’s with the Pirates. Wonder how much this is…



Love ya, Ed.

But nah.

* Full disclosure? I might have found a wormhole on Google. I took these screengrabs, but when I went to try to find the link again, I couldn’t. But I’m (pretty) sure this isn’t a fever dream and some site really was selling Ed Easley art for over 200 bucks.

Maybe not, though.

Photo: FOX Sports