On The 5th Day Of Cardinals Crapmas

Welcome to Cardinals Crapmas 2016.

Years ago, our friend HMW created Cardinals Crapmas to celebrate all the crap Cardinals gifts that fans of every age would be receiving over the upcoming holidays. And every December since, we’ve found more than enough material to keep this bit going.

So join us in our annual celebration of Cardinals things that people are actually buying other people in 2016…

Day 5: This Wine Opener

Wine is a very popular gift around the holidays. Some even credit wine with their ability to survive the holidays.

But the intersection of wine and baseball has always been fraught.

Take the ‘green seats’. Those super premium seats behind home plate at Busch Stadium. Whenever you see someone on TV in those seats drinking wine, what’s going through your head? If I had to bet a dollar, it’s not “how nice is it that person gets to drink wine at a baseball game”.

Point it – you’re hitting a real specific niche of people that enjoy wine on a regular basis, but also want (and can afford) novelty wine openers.

wine1 wine2

I guess there’s a market. I’m sure this company is making their money back after they licensed some MLB trademarks. But it’s not as if the Cardinals are selling their own vintages of wine to fans directly, or anything.





There’s a St. Louis Cardinals wine club? And it’s straight from the team?

Learn something new every day.

Photo: Standard Market