On The 6th Day Of Cardinals Crapmas

Welcome to Cardinals Crapmas 2016.

Years ago, our friend HMW created Cardinals Crapmas to celebrate all the crap Cardinals gifts that fans of every age would be receiving over the upcoming holidays. And every December since, we’ve found more than enough material to keep this bit going.

So join us in our annual celebration of Cardinals things that people are actually buying other people in 2016…

Day 6: This Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

At the end of the day, there might not be a more perfect example of what Cardinals Crapmas is all about than these salt and pepper shakers.

In and of themselves, salt and pepper shakers are a staple of many, many homes around the world. Nothing more, nothing less. But they’re not expensive… unless you put a Cardinals logo on them.

To wit:



That’s 22 bucks for a salt and pepper shaker set.

Here’s a very similar set w/o the Cardinals logo for 2.99 (watch out for that shipping charge, tho!).

Is it worth it? For some people (many people, even) it is. The power of professional sport compels us in mysterious ways.

Photo: Frank Stero