On The 7th Day Of Cardinals Crapmas

Welcome to Cardinals Crapmas 2016.

Years ago, our friend HMW created Cardinals Crapmas to celebrate all the crap Cardinals gifts that fans of every age would be receiving over the upcoming holidays. And every December since, we’ve found more than enough material to keep this bit going.

So join us in our annual celebration of Cardinals things that people are actually buying other people in 2016…

Day 7: This Zombie Figurine 

Zombies are hot (maybe not as hot, but still…).

And when things are hot, they’re going to sports team treatment. This figurine, at least for people who are into zombies, is pretty cool. The Arch biting is a nice touch.


And for only 6.18? Not a bad stocking stuffer.


Of course they make these things for pretty much every team, including the World Series champion Chicago Cubs.


And just in case you want to know what the price difference is between winning the World Series and not making the playoffs?


When shopping, I guess it’s not good to be the champs.

Photo: Hiduth