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We’re a few hours away from the official start of free agency, and the Bills have already (kinda, sorta) agreed to deals with Star Lotulelei and Rafael Bush – two players Joe was kind enough to get local bloggers to write about here and here, respectively.

But I wanted to talk a little about the QB fever the moves of the last few days have given the fanbase – and the butterfly effect of said moves. And since I’m doing it, we’re getting weird.

Similar to one of my favorite books growing up – Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – here’s a “Bills fan guide to the next few months”

So Long, and thanks for all the picks:

The departures of Cordy Glenn and Tyrod Taylor to me weren’t ideal – but I get the plan. The brass want as many picks as possible to get to the spot they can get their guy. That’s fine.

What’s really weird, until I realize it’s a defect at times of Bills fandom that manifests in the weirdest way, is the “these were the worst players ever and the Bills suckered Bengals and Browns.”

I’m not here to re-litigate Taylor’s role as the quarterback that got them to the playoffs, nor am I here to talk about how well Cordy Glenn played until he was put back out there on a bad wheel and blah blah blah.

Don’t do this Buffalo – say thanks for the players’ time there and don’t be the Jerry Springer high schooler that still thinks they’re the 400 pound kid that was bullied instead of the 230 pound pro wrestler as an adult. Those guys didn’t hurt you then and can’t hurt you now.

And with that in mind, don’t go full Buffalo folks:

Don’t panic, part the first:

At this point, we know they’re trading up for a quarterback. They know they’re trading up for a quarterback. Shoot, my mom, who has no interest in football whatsoever calls and asks who they’re trading up for! With that in mind, staff member Mike McKenzie made a great point as I’m writing this:

Whereas Joe will be more focused on the backup/veteran quarterback option – with the focus this clearly upon finding all caps “their guy”, who the vet stuntman is that gets the honor of either losing a “close” competition or getting smoked for 8-10 weeks isn’t my bag. So, I’m more than happy, supportive even of waiting as long as possible until they find the old dude to be Cap Rooney for them.

More importantly, look at the roster around them. As of this writing, the Bills still need, outside of Cap Rooney:

Offense: Receivers with speed, interior line depth, challenger for right tackle, backup left tackle.

Defense: Starter at Middle Linebacker, some depth on defensive line.

Going out on a limb, but most of those spots are going to be “tbd” – even with a vet add late. And I’m fine with that because…

Don’t panic, part the second:

…Rome won’t be built in a day, and neither shall this Bills team. With each piece they can add that fits the McBeane mindset, they’re still playing with 35 million in dead money this year. Similar to Jared Goff in Los Angeles, Carson Wentz in Philadelphia, and now both Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City and Mitch Trubisky in Chicago – year two of the new QB is the time to surround him with beaucoup talent.

For the Bills, as much as they need to be right with their pick, they also realize that they need to give themselves time – and getting to the playoffs year one buys them that time most places; in Buffalo it bought them their contract length. Every place you look, the first thing you read/see/hear regarding the team is “they’re further away than a playoff berth will tell you”. So if that’s the official stance, you should manage your expectations of 2018 – which will make it a far less stressful proposition let me tell you. With that in mind, if there isn’t the marquee free agent on offense – it’s fine!

Remember, the rookie’s the house – make sure you can afford it year one, then when you get that tax refund (2019 cap space), year two you go hog wild on improvements. That way you don’t wind up underwater.

Don’t get Adarn’d:

There is a lot of excitement to come in the next two months, so be sure 1. the person you’re retweeting is actually the person you want to retweet and 2. they themselves aren’t retweeting a fake account.

The price of Twitter freedom is eternal vigilance folks!

Bring a towel:

You never know if you’ll need it to recover from a surprise signing, or all of this work going towards Josh Allen. Either way, I know I’ll need a towel to scream into if that happens. Trading up for Rosen (yes), Darnold (fine), Mayfield (cool)? Absolutely. I honestly doubt they would trade up for Lamar Jackson, sadly.

Allen? Just leave me in the woods with a note that says “he asked to come here.”

Oh my gentle Lord, do not do that to me….

Thoughts? As always send them our way – and enjoy the flurry of 3am Adam Schefter tweets!

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