One Step Closer

Precise and timely moves from the manager. Clutch hitting from Mr. Clutch and Manny not being Manny in left field. Varitek hitting his first home run in almost a century. Timlin and Myers shutting the door late in the game. Just the ingredients for a big time victory in the first game of the biggest regular season series known to man. And of course, there??s Boomah, who did enough to win number 15.
The Red Sox really deserved this win. They pulled it out in front of the raucous home crowd in practically a playoff game, riding on emotion and the intensity that this rivalry brings every single time the players step on the field. The Yanks and Sox make up the single greatest rivalry in the history of sports, and it may be at an all-time high right now. Well maybe the Tek-Slappy fight or last years ALCS, but tonight seemed really special down in the Fens. And you know what makes it even better? A big fat W.
With the Yankees leading 1-0, they had their big opportunity to pounce on David Wells. Posada struck out in a desperation at-bat with the bases loaded, Sierra flied out, and the rest was pretty much butter for Wells. As for the Sox offense, it was MVPapi starting it off in the first with an RBI single, and accepting a key to the city as he rounded first base. The guy is already a legend. And yes, I??m saying this more over the course of his career than just a first inning single. It??s late.
Then Cap??n Tek launches a pitch to deep center, and Wang implodes to make the score 5-1 Sox. A bit of a scare following a two run shot from Jeter, but genius bullpen management by Francona put the nail in the coffin and Timlin ended a major Sox victory. Put this one in the books as the biggest win of the season. Folks, the AL East is tied between the Red Sox and Yankees with two games to play. Cleveland also loses to Chicago in 13 innings.
This is what baseball??s all about. Sickly entertaining pennant races like this. This is why the last week in baseball and the playoffs can be matched by no other sport. Watching Tim Wakefield pitch against Randy
Johnson tomorrow with the season on the line will be a sight I??ll never forget.
And please Timmy, let that knuckler dance.

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