One Year Ago, We Had A Wild Ride

October 5: Know Thy Enemy: The Anaheim Angels
“It??s time for the Red Sox to rip off 11 wins before getting eliminated.”
October 7: Firing on all Cylinders
“Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz were the first duo in history to hit .300 with 40+ doubles, 40+ HRs, and 130+ RBI each. You could see the respect the Angels had for them in Game 2. Or perhaps the lack of respect for Manny and respect for Ortiz.”
October 9: Awaiting Tuesday
“It??s nice to have a stacked rotation for a change. Of course, it??s also nice to have a stacked lineup, but really, having a stacked rotation in the playoffs helps big time.”
October 11: Know Thy Enemy: The New York Yankees (2004 Playoff Version)
“If we can succeed in knocking the starters out before the sixth inning, we stand a great chance at taking this series without breaking a sweat.”
October 13: Believe.
“But anyhoo, I??m pumped up after last night??s ?

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