OT in Philly with Jeff of The Spurscast!

Typical! Spurs lead in the game and blow it like the complacent fools they are!
Well join me as I blog the OT period in the Sixers vs. Spurs game.
Spurs win the tip!
Problem is that TD has 5 fouls and Manu just picked up his 5th foul. Not good.
Well great! Will someone please stop AI? He scored a layup and Sixers take the lead.
Steal by Parker…..NOT! Nazr fouled C-Webb and he goes to the line and makes them both.
Dalembert just blocked Nazr. Man the Spurs suck in this OT period! Nothing is going for them right now. Sixers lead by three now!
Damn! After a timeout by the Spurs, AI just nailed a perimeter shot. Spurs are having too many defensive breakdowns and are now losing by 5 to the Sixers.
Nice! Manu got fouled but he doesn’t make both free throws. Hell yes! AI lost the ball. But Bowen turned the ball over. He literally passed the ball to AI. Way to go Bruce!
Sixers 99 Spurs 94 w/ 1 min left in OT.
TD as usual has a chance to cut the lead but messes up the free throws. Then Nazr fouled Igodala but Igodala misses both free throws.
Spurs still have a chance to win but man they need to buckle down on this possesion. A quick score — something!!!!!!!!
Again Mike Finley chokes in a close game. He bricked an open shot.
Whoa! AI messed up on his drive and Manu scores quick! Spurs only down by 2 now w/ 17 secs left.
The last thing I want to see in this game is Brent “The Brickhouse” Barry on the floor and guess what….HE IS FREAKING ON THE FLOOR! UGGGH!
Korver missed one of two free throws and the Spurs are now down by 3 now. Still hope left. Right?
Spurs 98 Sixers 101 w/ 13 secs left.
Manu misses the shot but AI fouls Nazr. Nazr goes to the line and he hits them both. Spurs down by only 1 now with 8 secs left but they have no timeouts left. Lets hope no one pulls a “Chris Webber” and call a timeout w/ no timeouts left.
Webber fouled and he goes to the line with 7 secs left. He makes the first, and the second. Sixers up by 3.
Manu airballs the three point shot and the Spurs lose.
I am so FU$KING PISSED that I can’t blog anymore. I got to go!
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