Our First Real Mailbag

Originally posted on Is It Sports? Yes, we finally got an e-mail to answer as a mail bag question, and yes, it was from our friend Jesse, who happened to be my roommate at the time, but he still at least read the site! I’ll put my horrible comments in blue. I would have killed for the Niners to have gotten Rivers looking back at things, and Ryan nailed the Bears taking Orton. I don’t know why we talked about Braylon Edwards so much back then…

Q: Do Steve or Ryan honestly believe that Brees is a “franchise player”? What team do you guys think he will be playing for next year? What NFL QB is Brees most comparable to? Just lookin for your guys’ opinions

– Jesse B, Ann Arbor, MI

Our First Real MailbagA: Steve: Well the Chargers franchised him so they would get a compensatory draft pick if they traded him Steve: now its looking like they’re going to try to trade Rivers to the 49ers for the first overall draft pick so they will most likely be keeping Brees
Ryan: I think he is a franchise type player, I just don’t think he’s the answer for the Chargers, and I dont think they are going to trade Rivers to the 49ers
Steve: I’d rather see the 49ers get Alex Smith from Utah with that first pick, but I’m pretty sure Rivers will be going somewhere for a first rounder pretty soon
Ryan: ere is my logic for both parts a) the team effectively gave up on him already. I see him moving on with experience and the ability to lead as a veteran for a team that desperately needs a veteran quarterback (Washington)? and b) the Chargers arent trading Rivers, the 4th pick last year, unless they get quality now (which the 49ers dont have) or assurances that they get someone quality in the draft this year (which this year’s draft doesnt have)
Steve: I’m still willing to bet Rivers goes and they stick with Brees
Ryan: if rivers goes its not until next year
Steve: the Chargers don’t operate with a whole lot of logic though Steve: so who knows
Ryan: and i bet the 49ers take Braylon Edwards
Ryan: as for what quarterback he reminds me of… Drew Bledsoe
Ryan: just the sluggish start to his career, and then after another crappy start he throws 70 passes (70!) and then leads the Pats on a 7 game winning streak.. a year later they are playing the Packers in New Orleans
Ryan: so, the sudden turn around, i think is what reminds me most of Bledsoe
Ryan: the 70 was in one game, against the vikings, and the pats won
Ryan: to clarify
Steve: I think as an NFL quarterback he reminds me most of the final years of John Elway’s career Steve: The focus of the offense is mostly on the run, but he’s a quarterback that can still get the job very effectively done if you focus too much on stopping the run
Ryan: changing gears ever so slightly…. has there ever been a more inevitable pick than Kyle Orton going to the Bears in the coming draft?
Steve: well it would be a really good pick for the Bears, so I have doubts that it will happen for that reason alone
Ryan: now, Orton hasnt really proven himself to be a pressure QB, so I think a quarterback who cracks under pressure and fumbles like its his job belongs on the Bears of the past 15 years
Steve: yeah even longer than that probably…haha Steve: actually…. Steve: Jim McMahon is a good comparison for Brees too

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