Our Hero of 5 Points in Columbia

Our Hero of 5 Points in Columbia
If you have ever been to Columbia’s Five Points area or even the Richland County Library you most likely have seen ‘our hero’…Jerimiah. He is our ‘homeless’ friend who we sometime donate money, drinks or food too. His most famous quote is “Let me hold a dollar…” or “aaaahhhhhhhh” or will simply talk in tongues to you as you pass. He is the world record holder for attendance at 21st birthday parties and once when to the library for 3 years without reading a book (would be a record but I think Penny may have him beat here). I could go on and on about this great man in Columbia but I want you to check him out yourself. It seems he has learned something by going to the library and that is how to use myspace.com……

Check this out…..

Anyone have any good stories about ‘our hero’ that you want to share???

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