Our Season Starts In 3…2…1…

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Our Season Starts In 3...2...1...

At least we won something, right?  Seriously, though, I know how lucky we are to have this guy at quarterback.  Time will only tell if we maximize his talent (and contract) to finally get THAT ONE RING.  My wife always tells me that if we ever won the Super Bowl that I’d immediately start complaining about not winning another, but I really doubt it.  I’d be fine with just the one and sadly have stopped believing it will happen in my lifetime.  Does that mean I don’t have faith justice is ever coming?  I wouldn’t go that far, but I really have tried to not put so much stock into the wins and losses.  All the same tendencies exist in me, but I think the perspective that comes with almost (gasp!) fifty trips around the sun has had a little effect on me.  Today’s Super Bowl is a perfect example.  Who am I pulling for?  I really don’t care.  What will get KC out the way quickest?  I guess history has shown that it’s more difficult to get back to the Super Bowl as the loser.  As a Charger fan, I can attest to that first hand.  I admitted that the idea of the Bills winning it all frightened me, but only because it would bring out even more envy.  I don’t know that I had the same concerns about the Browns.  Maybe I see a little more of myself in Buffalo fans.  Every now and then I’ll throw out BoltsMafia as a hashtag, so maybe I identify with the sad sackiness more than I care to admit.  Of course, that would make me even more jealous…again.

I’m listening to the Crowes, clearly.  Did you know the song includes the words “drunk on sunday?”  It’s purely a coincidence, however.

So I guess I really don’t care who wins today.  Tampa isn’t that good, but their defense looked great against the Packers.  I loved that Justin Herbert said Bolt Up at the end of his acceptance speech.  There is no connection between those two ideas.  It’s just where my head’s at.  We won’t know how these coaches will work out for months.  It seems like the Chargers went for guys they really believe in.  I love how much Brandon Staley loves Derwin James.  I only hope that Pooh Bear can stay on the field this year.  It is nice to see that Bosa has a Super Bowl ad today.  He’s another one we need to find a way to keep healthy.  It was also nice that Herbert thanked his line, though they need a major overhaul.  I would be fine if we only drafted offensive and defensive linemen in the upcoming draft.  At least we wouldn’t be able to say we didn’t try.

Another Hall of Fame election and another Don Coryell snub year.  That’s another thing I can’t see changing.  I wish that wasn’t the case, but I can’t see him getting in.  It’s wrong, but winning the Super Bowl matters.  In his case, it shouldn’t, but it does.  Our Season Starts In 3...2...1...

Hopefully, the same thing won’t happen to Philip Rivers.  I was very happy to hear that he told Nick Hardwick that he’d be retiring as a Charger.  I sent this picture to Chris Harris on Twitter and didn’t get a response.  He’s another guy who needs to stay healthy.  I wasn’t that impressed with him when he was on the field.  Casey Hayward was one of the few guys we signed from another team who proved their former club wrong.  Sadly, Hayward got old real quick.  That’s another decision Telesco will have to make.  I can’t imagine that Gus Bradley’s soft scheme played to anybody’s strengths, but is Hayward really a shutdown corner?

Well have plenty of time to get into all that in 2021.  For now, I guess it’s best for us all just to kick back and be thankful that it seems like we’ve got a star at quarterback.  It’s not the first time, but maybe this time will be the one that really matters.

Until next time, be safe and Bolt Up.



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