An outlook on the Sixers’ newest acquisitions after their debut

NBA: Denver Nuggets at Philadelphia 76ers

How did the Sixers handful of trades look after their debut on Friday night?

The hype surrounding the Philadelphia 76ers over the last couple of days has been real. This past Tuesday, the Sixers suffered from a lousy loss in front of their home crowd against the Toronto Raptors. Fouls were being committed left and right. Turnovers were being issued to Toronto like it was nothing. And the Sixers simply weren’t draining their shots. That matchup left a bad taste in fans mouths as they screamed at General Manager Elton Brand all night long in an attempt to convince him to make trades before the deadline.

Fortunately, Brand came out looking like a man of the people. Just hours after the Sixers dealt with their typical media circus after the loss, Brand completed a trade with the Los Angeles Clippers, which got the Sixers three new veterans to add to the squad.

Then, Brand made two trades the following day before the deadline, which added a couple of other veteran players as well. At first, it seemed unlikely that the new guys would play on Friday, but the Sixers wasted no time allowing their new faces to get acclimated with the city of Philadelphia. So with that, the Sixers debuted their new look against the Denver Nuggets, and they surely did not disappoint.

James Ennis makes a surprising debut

Out of all of the newest healthy acquisitions, James Ennis was the biggest question mark for Friday. Everybody expected the three guys from the L.A. Clippers to make their debut since they were introduced on Thursday, but the Sixers were still on the fence about Ennis. Fortunately, Ennis found himself playing for a decent 15 minutes against Denver.

He didn’t have any substantial contributions, but Ennis did show some promise off the bench by draining both of his attempted shots from long range. He finished up the night with six points, off of three total shots. Not bad for a guy who just joined the team that desperately needed shooters with their bench depth.

Mike Scott and Boban are still getting used to a new setting

Mike Scott and Boban Marjanovic didn’t exactly put on a jaw-dropping performance. Scott went one-for-four from the field, missing both of his attempted three-point shots. Meanwhile, Boban drained two points, along with a block, and two rebounds. Although Boban wasn’t as dominating as everybody wanted him to be, Philadelphia gave him perhaps the warmest of welcomes on Friday with a standing ovation.

Aside from being Boban, Marjanovic didn’t exactly do anything to make the city applaud his performance on the court. However, nobody is thinking about that on Saturday as they are just happy they got to see his debut and the Sixers came away with the win. Hopefully, he eventually steps his game up because the honeymoon phase won’t last long in this city.

Last but not least… Tobias Harris

The man that made the trade with the Clippers totally worth it – Tobias Harris. The Sixers needed bench depth desperately. But they also needed another star to add to the starting lineup as well. Not only can Tobias Harris be a part of the headband brothers if it ever comes back, but he can surely shoot and create opportunities for himself, which the Sixers definitely needed.

Obviously, Harris saw the most amount of minutes from the new guys. He spent 32 minutes on the floor with an impressive debut. Harris didn’t exactly do anything spectacular, but he did more than enough to help lead the Sixers to victory. It all started early on when he drained his first attempted three-ball. Since that shot, Harris ended up draining five more baskets off of eleven additional attempts, leaving him with 14 points.

For a guy who just joined the team a couple of days ago, Tobias Harris looks quite promising for Philly. Considering that two of Philly’s biggest stars Joel Embiid, and Ben Simmons had one of their off nights, there’s no way anybody could complain about the results of the matchup. Now, imagine when the chemistry gets right, and everybody is on the same page. That’s a scary thought for future Sixers opponents.



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