Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett Threatens To ‘Pimp Slap’ Jake Paul

Paddy Pimblett Jake Paul

Paddy Pimblett features in the co-main event at UFC 282 this weekend in Las Vegas at the T-Mobile Arena. ‘The Baddy’ is advising YouTube star turned boxing star to steer clear unless he wants to receive a ‘pimp slap’. ‘The Problem Child’ and Pimblett have exchanged a few words on social media over the past few weeks.

Paddy The Baddy Threatens To ‘Assault’ Jake Paul

Just a few weeks out from his fourth UFC fight this weekend at UFC 282, Paddy Pimblett was the subject of a video from Jake Paul that he posted on Twitter.

Jake Paul has seemingly called out more UFC fighters and boxers than not, including the likes of Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, Tommy Fury and now Paddy Pimblett. The 25-year-old brash American took to social media last week with a video, seemingly calling Pimblett out to a spar, with the winner of the spar winning $1 million.

Here is Paul’s original challenge, with Pimblett responding in typical ‘The Baddy’ fashion:

The Liverpool MMA legend came back at Paul saying that his fights are all rigged and that he doesn’t have a credible win on his boxing resumé. Pimblett did of course accept Jake Paul’s challenge, but believes that the former Disney channel star is all talk.

Pimblett told Daniel Cormier on his YouTube channel:

“I don’t understand it. But as I say, I’m fighting Saturday. I said I’ll chill Sunday and get some food in me, you’re more than welcome to come to the [UFC] P.I. (Performance Institute) on Monday and I’ll beat you up.

“I’m not doing nothing on his terms, it’s that simple. If he’s at the show on Saturday and I walk past him, I’ll just go whoop (slaps hand). I can assault people, lad, and I’ll assault him. I’ll just slap him across the face. I’ll pimp slap him.”

If Jake Paul does decide to turn up this weekend at UFC 282, he could be in for a shock if he comes across Pimblett!

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