Parking tickets

Parking tickets
Have you ever gotten a parking ticket for parking where your not supposed to? And do you think to yourself, this fine is a little ridiculous? If you do, don’t be like this idiot.

This guy in Portsmouth, New Hampshire received a parking ticket for parking in a handicapped spot, which carries a $100 fine. There’s a few arguments here that I will present later about that issue in itself but for now I will stick to the story at hand. So when he went to court to protest the ticket, the dude had altered the ticket to make it look like a $20 parking violation. What a dumbass. Anyone who has received tickets (mom and dad if your reading this I really only have 1 or 2 tickets in my life. Actually I lost track of the total) knows that when you get a ticket, you are receiving your copy of the ticket. One copy goes to you, another to the police dept, and the last copy goes to the courthouse usually. So when this dude goes to court and tells the judge its a parking violation, she abruptly corrects him and says no sir it is not. Ummmmmm hello, WTF were you thinking. Was this your first ticket ever? Did you not know there is more than one copy? Were you broke and couldn’t afford the $100 fine? So now because your an idiot, you are being charged with forgery and now could face 3 1/2 to 7 years in prison..Probably because you were too lazy to find parking and saw the handicapped spot open at the front of wherever you were.

I myself have a handicapped sticker. And nothing pisses me off more than seeing someone parked in a handicapped spot when they don’t have the pass. Most of times you see this at the grocery stores that contain banks in them. If you ask the person why they parked there usually the response you will get is “oh the spot was open and I was just running in to use the ATM”. Well there’s a reason those spots are open. I will say that I don’t always use the handicapped spots because I do feel there are some people more handicapped than I am. But be real, those spots are meant for the handicapped. Not some idiot who has to run into the bank real quick or the store because they are going thru a nicotine fit and need their precious smokes.

I hope you get sentenced to do time in prison. You will get laughed at when your in there because you were an idiot to change your ticket. And remember handicapped spots are for handicapped people.

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