Pat McAfee Could Be Planning His Own Potential Career Shakeup

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In addition to famously breaking news about NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Pat McAfee could be planning his own career shakeup.

McAfee is a hard-working man; he has his weekday day YouTube show.

He is in the second year of his four-year $120 million FanDuel contract.

Prior to signing on to do ESPN’s Saturday “College GameDay” program in Fall 2022, McAfee was involved with WWE’s “Friday Night Smackdown” on Fox.

And on top of all of that, he is about to be a new father; he and his wife Samantha are expecting a daughter in May.

Why Do People Believe McAfee Could Be “Up to Something”?

To begin with, McAfee has hinted as much by calling it “Up to Something” season on the air.

McAfee uses this language when a big change is on the horizon, and it is not the first time he has said it on his show.

He may not be averse to walking away from FanDuel if something else is waiting in the wings.

It was extremely unusual that he was not involved in FanDuel’s Super Bowl promotion with Rob Gronkowski kicking a field goal.

After all, McAfee is a FanDuel guy and a former NFL kicker/punter, it seemed like he should have been in the promos for it.

Where Could He Go?

Any of the streaming entities is a possibility; he previously met with Amazon last year when they took over Thursday Night Football.

Could he be preparing to make a move to Amazon, Apple, or Google/YouTube who is taking over the rights of the NFL Sunday Ticket in 2023?

The 35-year-old has created and elevated his name and brand so he likely can dictate what career opportunities he wants to pursue in the future.

His website is a perfect example of how he is marketing his name.

In that respect, he and his friend Aaron Rodgers both seem to be “Up to Something” right now.

The question is if both McAfee and Rogers will be in different positions before the 2023 NFL season kicks off.

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