Patrick Mahomes To Drink Beer Out Of Cooper Manning’s Boot If Chiefs Win Super Bowl

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs

Peyton and Eli Manning are not the only Manning family members on the front lines covering the NFL leading up to the Super Bowl.

Cooper Manning who works for FOX sports, had a funny exchange with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes during Monday night’s media events that kick off Super Bowl week.

Cooper Manning was decked out in a cowboy hat and boots for his interview with Texas native Mahomes.

That’s where the hilarity began.

The Boots Were A Focal Point Of The Discussion

Cooper asked Mahomes if the boots work in Texas.

Mahomes said they do.

The pair then talked about drinking Coors Light beers out of the boots.

Mahomes said if the Chiefs win the Super Bowl, he will drink Coors Light out of one of the boots.

He estimated about five beers would fit in a boot.

Mahomes did have one stipulation.

He wanted to make sure Manning had clean socks on.

At which point, Manning said he was not wearing socks.

Mahomes Is Focused On Winning The Game First

Mahomes is not allowing himself to get caught up in those thoughts.

Throughout media day, he was laser-focused on the task at hand.

He knows that the Philadelphia Eagles are the heavy favorites to win Super Bowl 57.

Someone asked Mahomes about Valentine’s Day, and he wasn’t even aware when that was because he was focused on game preparation.

Mahomes is guaranteed to put his body and ankle (in whatever stage of rehabilitation and health it is in) on the line to give his team a chance to win this game.

He acknowledged that the ankle is in better shape than it was just last week and “trending in the right direction” as he put it.

He has months to rest, rehab, and potentially celebrate a win if things turn out that way.

If the Chiefs have a slight edge, it is because they have been to the Super Bowl before, winning it in 2020.

They could handle the whirlwind of activity and emotion during the week a little better based on their previous experience.

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