Patrick Mahomes Unleashes Humble Message For Pass-Rushers, Super Bowl 57 Foes

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Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes channels Michael Jordan, the former NBA icon who created a marketing empire.

At 27 years old, Mahomes, who was named the 2022 AP NFL Most Valuable Player Thursday, has already earned two MVP honors, one Super Bowl ring, and played starring roles in a string of popular on-air commercials.

Like Jordan, Mahomes makes plays few can.

Unlike Jordan, Mahomes will not boast about them.

His trash talk is clean.

Patrick Mahomes: ‘I Have No Trash Talk’

Jordan, who led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA Finals championships during the 1990s, used trash talk to gain a psychological edge on his opponents. 

Mahomes has a different philosophy. 

With the potential of 300-plus pound defensive linemen tackling him into submission, Mahomes told The Kansas City Star he doesn’t often tempt fate by trying to rile up his foes. 

Instead, he offers polite commentary on the effort. 

“I have no trash talk at all,” Mahomes admitted. “I actually compliment the guys when they rush me, because I know those guys can hit me a lot harder than I can hit them.  

“So anytime anyone gets close to me I’m like, ‘Great pass rush, my man.’ “ 

Jordan had his rules. 

Mahomes is creating his own.

Chiefs QB Aims To Be Original

Mahomes aims to become the first MVP to claim a Super Bowl title during the same season since St. Louis Rams QB Kurt Warner led the “Greatest Show on Turf” to the 1999 Lombardi Trophy.

The last nine newly crowned MVPs who appeared in the Super Bowl have lost, including eight QBs:

  • QB Tom Brady, 2017
  • QB Matt Ryan, 2016
  • QB Cam Newton, 2015
  • QB Peyton Manning, 2013
  • Manning, 2009
  • Brady, 2007
  • RB Shaun Alexander, 2005
  • QB Rich Gannon, 2002
  • QB Kurt Warner, 2001

Mahomes, who has been battling a sore ankle during the playofffs, also seeks to become an original. After pacing the NFL with 5,250 passing yards, he could become the first QB to lead the league in passing and earn a Super Bowl ring during the same season.

If Mahomes does accomplish the feat, he should contact Jordan and tell him all about it.

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