Pedro (Possibly) To Yankees? Who Cares?

As you all know by now, Pedro met with George Steinbrenner last Tuesday. I didn’t comment on it then, because I wanted time to elapse, and for more events to happen. Well, they have happened. Before I continue though, let me congratulate Boston Dirt Dogs on breaking the news that Pedro was meeting with the Yankees. It has been a while since he bring news this big. (The last one I vividly remember is breaking that Cliff Floyd was headed to the Red Sox, that always stuck in my head for some reason.) He also had a quality ‘Barks and Bites’ (his column on the happenings of baseball that doesn’t get updated enough, it’s a great pool of comments) the other day. You also need to check out Born Into It, a site similar to Boston Dirt Dogs in what the concept is. This site has quickly become a favorite of mine, and I would suggest checking it out.
Anyways, because of that meeting with the Yankees, this has started to become a mediafest. In 2002, we had Jose Contreras. In 2003, we had A-Rod. In 2004, we have Pedro Martinez. What is with the new ownership and their yearly hot-button topic?
Joe Torre, Jorge Posada, Mike Mussina, and Alex Rodriguez have all gone on record saying they would welcome Pedro. A-Rod was the most recently quoted, in which he said

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