Philly, here I come

Jane Conroy, Poor Richard�s Scorecard (fellow MVN writer), visited Fenway earlier this year and had this to say about the Phillies and Red Sox:

I also realized that the Phillies and Red Sox have a lot in common. Both teams play in blue-collar towns, and are both in divisions that have been dominated for years by teams that are thorns in their side � the Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees. In addition, Red Sox commentators believe there is no sense of urgency from the team, especially when they have such talent, and are expected to win. They wondered how a team can score 12 runs in one game and be completely shut down in the next. Those exact words have been used to describe the Phillies.

She also had earlier predicted a Red Sox – Phillies World Series.
Well, I felt a number of things.
1) If this Red Sox-Phillies World Series comes to fruition, I definitely need to scout out the Phillies and whisper into Theo Epstein�s ear to make sure we stay away from Jim Thome and pitch to Mike Lieberthal (who is horrendous in clutch hitting this year).
2) If the Phillies writer can make it up to Fenway to take in a game, I certainly can make it to Philadelphia to take in a Phillies game.
3) After surviving a Phillies game four years ago (way back when they had Veterans Stadium), I clearly needed to make it back to another game to laugh at the Phillie Phanatic�s antics and take in a game at their brand new smacking stadium.
In other words, I�m headed to Philly, mates. Then I�ll come roaring right back to tell you about my experiences, then take off to take in the Red Sox and White Sox on August 15th. Don�t worry dear reader(s?), I�ll bring you back a cheesesteak from Philly and some clam chowder from Boston.
If you need your Red Sox fix, be sure to visit Raystalk to get the game recaps from MVN�s own Jessica Kuligowski.
Psst � David Ortiz now has 102 RBIs, and Pedro spun a complete-game beauty today (9 IP, 6 H, 0 BB, 10 K, 5 H, 109 pitches, two three-ball counts, both coming in the ninth), whipping the D-Rays 6-0.

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