Picking the Best Super Bowl Champion for Property Protection

The Super Bowl is just a couple of weeks away. When the clock reaches zero, one team’s fans will join in the celebration. As has become the standard, the celebrations are likely to include various acts of mayhem.

Football fans are sticklers for statistics. In keeping with that tradition we take a look at their need to make sure their car and property insurance is up to par for the big game.

The Ravens – The tradition in Baltimore is to fire guns in the air as part of victory celebration. Fortunately damage from the gun shots has been minimal.

The Seahawks – After the team’s last Super Bowl victory, Seattle shed its low-key demeanor and toasted the victory by making bonfires from furniture, sharing their beers with police by throwing the bottles at them, and causing $25,000 in damage to the 100 year old Pioneer Square. The Super Bowl marked the end of the city’s 30 year championship drought. Whether cadres of plaid shirted computer geeks will be more reserved or more exuberant with two straight victories is a toss-up.

The Broncos – When the Broncos won the Super Bowl XXXII in 1998 by defeating the Green Bay Packers, the fan’s celebration was chosen as one of the Associated Press’s top stories of the year, as the fans faces were covered with tears of joy, and tears induced by tear gas, flipped over cars, and committed random acts of violence. One must note that this was well before the legalization of marijuana in the Mile High City, so a victory celebration this year could be far more subdued.

The Patriots – You would think that a Super Bowl win would be old hat for the Patriot fans at this point. However Super Bowl victory celebrations have included the setting of random fires, broken shop windows, and overturned cars. Arrests made have included those for malicious destruction of property and vehicular homicide with driving under the influence.

The Cowboys – It’s been a long time since Cowboy fans celebrated a Super Bowl win. If the Cowboys go on to win and the fans stay true to form, they will show their support most fervently during the victory parade. In the past the crowds at the victory parades have erupted into violence, fighting not only among one another but also with the police. They also engaged in the random acts of property destruction and other hi-jinx that caused Emmitt Smith to remove his jewelry in order to keep it safe.

Green Bay Packers – If the Packers win, it will be something like 12° at the end of the game, making it impractical for traditional victory celebrations.

The Panthers and The Colts were not included for obvious reasons.