Pittsburgh Pirates Wake Up Call: Death by 1000 Cuts

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In our daily Wake-Up Call, we get you ready for the day with a complete look at all things Pittsburgh Pirates.

West coast start times are always tricky because staying up late isn’t as easy as it used to be. If you opted to go to sleep and missed the Pirates game last night, you made the right choice. The Los Angeles Dodgers absolutely dominated the Pittsburgh Pirates by a score of 17-1. The game was never in doubt and the Pirates looked outclassed in every single way. 

Blowouts happen to every Major League team and usually they’re easy to shower off because you accepted defeat from early on. However, when the team has been playing relatively poorly for the better part of a month, a blowout feels like a confirmation that your team simply isn’t good enough. 

The Pirates entered last night’s game feeling pretty good as they have won two straight series and had one of their top prospects on the mound. Nick Kingham may have arrived from Indianapolis but his stuff certainly didn’t as he was shelled for seven runs (five earned) on eight hits in three innings of work. It was about as ugly as it sounds for the rookie but he was far from the only pitcher to perform poorly. 

Fellow rookie, Tanner Anderson’s Big League debut did not go according to plan. He was lit up by the Dodgers for six runs on eight hits in two innings of relief. I am sure Anderson has dreamed about pitching in the Big Leagues for most of his life. I am also sure he didn’t expect his first appearance to go this badly. 

It’s difficult for me to get too angry about a game like this because blowouts aren’t overly frustrating. When you’re down 10-1 in the fourth inning, you have some time to process the upcoming loss. When you get trounced 17-1, you have to laugh at how absurd the score is. Most baseball games are close, even if your team is bad. So when you lose by 16, it’s almost a little funny. The Dodgers are obviously a better ball club than the Pirates and they definitely showed that last night. That being said, it’s also okay to be frustrated by this result. The Pirates have not played inspired baseball over the last month of the season and last night’s game was another example of how awful the Pirates can look. 

The Pirates get another crack at the Dodgers tonight and will look to bounce back and don’t worry since it only gets easier from here. Let’s see who is pitching for the Dodgers…oh god dang it, it’s Clayton Kershaw!! On the plus side, you may be able to go to bed early again tonight! Ivan Nova will get the ball for the Pirates as he looks to slay the giant that is Clayton Kershaw. First pitch is once again scheduled for 10:10 PM. 

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