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Just wanted to pass along a very cool page on Draft Express.  Its their player agent/salary tools page that was just released.  You can sort the lists by agency, agent or player.  You can also see who is representing whom in this year's draft… a list of the top NBA agents… and every NBA salary  (Here is the Celtics breakdown through 2012-13).

Some interesting little factoids as I spent more time than I should have surfing through this information:

  • Arn Tellem is by far the #1 agent as far as getting guaranteed money* for his clients.  His clients are currently guaranteed more than $662 million!  They're making almost $193 million this year.  His clients inlcude Tracy McGrady ($122 mil. guaranteed) , Pau Gasol ($63 mil.), Jermaine O'Neil ($64 mil.), and Ben Wallace ($44 mil.).  He's also the guy who got Brian Scalabrine $3+ mil. per year here in Boston. 

  • Mark Bartelstein is the#1 agent as far as players represented.  He's got 41 to Tellem's 29… and has guaranteed $349 million for his guys.  He mostly represents second-tier guys… with the biggest names and contracts are Antoine Walker ($37.6 mil. guaranteed), Maurice Williams ($54 mil.), Brad Miller ($34 mil.).  He's also Mark Blount's agent ($24 mil)… and DeShawn Stevenson's guy.  10 years from now… we're going to be wondering how he blew that $15 million of guaranteed money.

  • Gilbert Arenas, Amare Stoudemire, Chris Bosh, Dirk Nowitzki, Stephen Jackson, Stephon Marbury, and Robert Horry are all listed as representing themselves. 

 Here's who represents the Celtics (and their total guaranteed salaries):

Ray Allen  – Lon Babby ($52.6 mil.)
Tony Allen  – Mike Higgins ($1.8 mil.)
PJ Brown**  – Mark Bartelstein ($474,285)
Sam Cassell**  – David Faulk ($474,285)
Glen Davis  – John Hamilton ($1.1 mil.)
Kevin Garnett  – Andy Miller ($105 mil.)
Eddie House **  – Mark Bartelstein ($1.5 mil.)
Kendrick Perkins  – Arn Tellem ($17.2 mil.)
Paul Pierce  - Jeff Schwartz ($75.7 mil.)
Scot Pollard **  – Jeff Austin ($770,610)
James Posey  – Mark Bartelstein ($6.6 mil.)
Leon Powe  - Aaron Goodwin ($1.5 mil.)
Gabe Pruitt  – Sam Goldfeder ($2.2 mil.)
Rajon Rondo  -  Bill Duffy ($5.6 mil.)
Brian Scalabrine  -  Arn Tellem ($9.6 mil.)
*All guaranteed money figures include the current 2007-08 season
** free agents after 2007-08 season
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