Please Pray For Alianna Marie Haggans

Please Pray For Alianna Marie Haggans
I try to refrain from overly-serious posts, but this needs to be addressed. Clark Haggans, an outstanding linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, is facing a possible tragedy, as his infant daughter fights for her life in Las Vegas.

Alianna Marie Haggans was born premature, and is battling complications from her birth. Haggans has been one of my favorite Steelers, although he has spent a majority of his time with the team as a backup to guys like Joey Porter and Jason Gildon (remember him?) towards the end of their years in Black and Gold.

I was born premature. I’m lucky to be here in good health, 23 years after being born a month and a half too early. My mid-August birth came as a surprise, as my parents were expecting me to arrive in late September/early October. Premature births are nothing to laugh about. Haggans and his family will be in my thoughts and prayers everyday.

Aside from the off-the-field worries, Haggans is entering the final year of his contract. Now, the Steelers are notorious for waiting until the last minute to re-sign guys, and even let guys go too early rather than too late. But I like Haggans. His blend of speed and athleticism are a great fit for the ‘Burgh. However, the team did draft future linebackers in the first and second rounds of the ’07 draft, and Polamalu and Roethlisberger are contract priorities. Its up to the Rooneys to keep Haggans. I respect every decision they make, because their choices are rarely wrong.

Haggans, though, can provide veteran leadership to a linebacking corps that will be loaded with youth in the coming years. PSaMP is reaching out to the Steelers organization to keep Haggans beyond ’07-’08.

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