Practice Makes Perfect

Today Amy and I went to practice. It was in Scottsdale so it gave us an excuse to also go check out H&M (which is FAB btw, so glad Phoenix finally got one). But I won’t bore you with all the cute stuff that H&M had.

Practice wasn’t a true practice. Tippett wasn’t there and only a handful of the guys were there. Here is the list:
Shane Doan
Plus Dave King, Burke and Ulf

I think I got everyone. That is all I remember. It was quite awhile ago. Bizz is making a run for us liking him. He was working one-on-one with Dave King at the end of practice. It was quite endearing to see him working so hard. Lil Dinero really wants that ice time.

Pru dropped his stick and had to go wipe it off. He was very concerned about his stick. He looked at it after he missed a goal, like what’s up with that stick? Sami also had an interesting occurrence with his stick. Ummm…. he put it in his mouth, like a dog with a bone.

Shane Doan checked Pru into the boards. Shane Doan should leave little Prucha alone.

Yandle fell during a drill and instead of stopping let himself slide all the way across the ice and into the boards. Later Sami randomly decided to just fall to the ice. We are still not sure quite what he was doing and why (this was before the stick biting incident).

It was actually a very short practice, maybe about an hour. I’m going with it was kind of like whoever wants to come can come and work out.

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