Pre Game thoughts

To get punked by some overrated rookie that last time the Spurs and Bucks met up was embarrasing. I sure hope Rasho remembers to play defense the next time his man is close to the bucket!
Anyway, the Spurs hope to exact some revenge on the Bucks. The last time these two teams met, a last-second game winning shot by A. Boget sealed the Spurs fate.
Playing in San Antonio gives the Spurs the edge but I see the key match-up being TP vs. TJ. Both are lightning quick and can score.
Lets hope TP takes out his frustration on TJ and the Bucks since his girl (Eva Longoria) has been “trolling for some Jamie Fox rod”. Damn you Eva if you mess with TP’s emotions and cause him to play like Oberto and suck!
Give me your comments!
Jeff G.

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