Props to Ben Hoffer

Props to Ben Hoffer
Gotta show love for my old high school for a quick minute.

The Yough Cougars bite are 3-6, but just beat rival Southmoreland 52-37. There is a warrant for this mention, though.

RB/WR Ben Hoffer became just the 9th WPIAL football player to rush for over 400 yards in a game (scroll down to the Memorable Game section). He’s listed as a WR, but absolutely killed it on the ground. Great job, Southmoreland, D!

The man who created all the hassle – Hoffer (see how I did that? Hasselhoff mentions never get old) finished with 401 yards and 6 touchdowns. He did all his damage on 20 carries.

Crazy thing is…Hoffer had 331 on the ground at the half. Hoffer, you slacked off in the 2nd half. I was looking for a 662 yard game. Don’t disappoint next time, kid.

Well done.

Oh, and the photo is from ESPN’s video coverage of Yough getting trounced, 53-0, by the Jeannette Jayhawks and national superstud Terrelle Pryor. I had to make it myself, so that you know who Benny is. He’s #5…and if you watch the vid, he’s about to get demolished by Pryor, who is just waiting out of the right side of the pic.

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