Public Service Reminder: The Giants & Padres Are Not Good

The Cardinals have won 6 of 7 and now just sit 2 games back of Colorado for the last Wild Card spot in the NL.

They had a very good week.

You know what that means… here come the playoff stories!

I’ve been getting texts and WhatsApp messages all day with basically the same theme: the Cardinals might just mess around and get in.

They might.

Making up two games over 3.5 weeks wouldn’t be the craziest deficit ever overcome.



I just wanted to call your attention to a couple of things.

  1. The Cards’ 6/7 streak has been against the Giants and Padres
  2. The Giants and Padres have lost 165 games so far in 2017

Totally agree.

You got to beat the teams in front of you. Got to take the W’s when you’re playing the bottom feeders.

A reminder that the Cardinals remaining schedule includes:

  • 7 vs Cubs (4-8 in ’17)
  • 3 vs Brewers (7-9 in ’17)
  • 6 vs Reds (5-8 in ’17)

Maybe they really have turned a corner this time. Maybe they’ll stay clear of the gravitational forces that have previously sucked them back to .500 after a week of wins. Maybe these young guns are legit.

There’s also a chance, though, that the Cardinals just beat 2 bad teams playing out their season with their players focused on October golf and fishing trips.

Let’s all pump the brakes. Take a deep breath. And see if this team is more than 5 games over .500 entering into the Cubs series a week from now before we start talking playoffs.

Photo: YouTube