Quick Hits

I didn’t have the time to create any new content this week, which means I am bringing back the Quick Hits, links of different Coyotes/Arizona hockey related articles around the web. There isn’t much out there right now, but these are here in case you missed them. I hope you enjoy this type of post because next week will probably be a similar post. After that, I should be back to regular articles. August is a busy month for me this year.

Not the Coyotes but an Arizona native will be playing in the Swiss A League next year before he is drafted in 2016 (Puck Daddy).

An interview with Anthony LeBlnac, which makes it pretty clear the Coyotes aren’t leaving Arizona (Puck Daddy).

ASU to play four games, including one against U of A, at Gila River Arena (AZ Central).

Be sure to vote for Doan as valleys most popular athlete (AZ Central).

Why the Coyotes can survive (CBS Sports).

A Five for Howling piece from earlier this month. I don’t remember seeing it before and therefore you may not have either.

Richardson embraces playing a bigger role (Coyotes).

Strome and Merkley shine at world juniors (Coyotes).

OEL has Coyotes optimistic (Coyotes).

Hopefully, you found something new. If not, I’m sorry there just isn’t much going on. Although, Athletes Resource camp should be starting shortly, which means training camp is just around the corner; I can smell the ice in the air!