Quick Hits 6/12/17

Kings at Coyotes 2017-12

Have we all recovered from the final game of the Stanley Cup finals?

Good, because the Coyotes have been busy.

Per Craig Morgan on Twitter, Andrew Barroway has bought out the other owners and is now the sole owner of the team. And it appears the Suns and Coyotes have finally gotten together and come up with the best solution, a joint arena. Nothing is confirmed yet, but John Shannon tweeted earlier today about it.

Downtown would be the ideal place, central to everyone and Phoenix is really working to make downtown be a destination. Over the past few years, the city has worked hard to bring life to downtown. It started with getting rid of Patriot’s Park and building Cityscape and soon will have a full Fry’s grocery store. There’s now hotels, apartments, and plenty of places to eat that are open past 3 pm.

Quick Hits 6/12/17A downtown, shared arena similar to Staples Center in LA would be fantastic.

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