#RaceToQBMountain Week 2 Watchlist

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If PFF tickles your fancy, take a look at their review of the week one games.

Before I get to the fun stuff, I want to make an observation known to the Bills general public that bears noting:

By pulling his vast knowledge of the west coast offense, adding early on Chris Ault (former Nevada head coach) as a consultant and then appointing Brad Childress up until this season, first as “spread game analyst” now as his offensive coordinator, Reid has been again ahead of the NFL curve. It would behoove McDermott and his staff to be mindful of this going into their hunt for a quarterback in 2018. The age of “this doesn’t work” in the NFL, as I stated last week is both outdated and dangerous for the evolution of professional football. For my sake, I hope the Bills get ahead of the curve instead of being the “mehs” they can be in most regards.

Last Week Thoughts

Out of the quarterbacks that played, Josh Rosen, my golden child, got the most press. And for good reason, pulling off one of the biggest college comebacks in NCAA history, all with a cast of characters that seem to drop balls at inexplicable times, both figuratively and literally. I enjoyed Rosen’s game not only for the comeback, but because he could have been “generic QB 27” and talked about how great it was that the man upstairs gave them the win. Instead, Rosen talked about how close they were to losing – citing 10 times they were ‘an inch away’ from losing it.

Rudolph, Jackson, Darnold and Stidham rounded out my top five for the week. I didn’t see Falk because c’mon I gotta sleep at some point, and Mike White I’ll get back around to when I have time.

NFL wise, we have Pats at 0-1, and while I’m sure some would love it – c’mon – they’re not headed to QB Mountain.


Here’s the lineup for this weekend, with all times EST and channels if there is one I could find:


Oklahoma State @ South Alabama (8p, ESPN-2/WatchESPN) – Cowboys should hang a smooth 5 to 7 touchdowns and some of that sweet, sweet deep game Rudolph is a master of.


Louisville @ UNC (12p, ESPN/WatchESPN) – Lamar Jackson goes to Chapel hill to break records and chew bubble gum. And he’s all out of bubble gum.

Gardner-Webb @ Wyoming (4p, GOOD LUCK FINDING IT) – After a disastrous game against Iowa (contributing to the “but he can’t beat power 5 teams” narrative) Josh Allen needs to have a good game.

Hawai’i @ UCLA (5p, Pac-12 Network) – Chosen One. Rainbow Warriors. Cali. I’m watching this and going to prepare for the “is he legit” tweets mid game. Again.

Auburn @ Clemson (7p, ESPN/WatchESPN) – Stidham had a solid outing week one, but this one is against an ACC powerhouse and will give us an idea of how well he’s versed in the Auburn scheme.

Western Kentucky @ Illinois (8p, Big 10 Network) – Mike White vs Illinois is going to be something I watch at 3am and get yelled at by my wife. This is how much I love y’all. You’re welcome.

Stanford @ USC (8:30p, FOX) – And this is why I’m not watching WKY live. USC vs my platonic ideal of the football player/nobel laureate Stanford Cardinal. Darnold being in the game is a nice bonus.

Boise State @ Washington State (10:30p, ESPN/WatchESPN) – Luke Falk under the lights vs. a solid Boise team. Falk looks the part, but can he avoid the stingy Broncos defense?

So, make sure to hit me up with the ways you’re paying attention to QB Mountain – are you all-22’ing it? Are you just looking to see how guys react under pressure? Or do you have something more arbitrary and capricious, like looking at which player most likely will make Sully faint?