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Another free agent is signed (allegedly), so we’re back – this time with Brian Pavek of Canal Street Chronicles. Thanks Brian for your time!


1) How do you feel about the Bills losing Rafael Bush in FA?

If we hadn’t signed Coleman I would have been concerned. Rafael Bush is one of those guys who just shows up and does his job, and does it well. He was more of a depth safety than a starter, but whenever he was asked to play he did and he usually played well.


2) What are the pros and weaknesses to his game?

Bush is versatile able to play in multiple roles on defense. He’s a hard hitter who tackles well, and he’s a smart player whose usually where he’s supposed to be. Bush isn’t a premier athlete at the position and doesn’t have much for ball skills, but he is the prototypical ‘lunch pail’ guy that just does his job and does it damn well. Probably his biggest weakness is that he’s not an elite coverage guy and doesn’t have great ball skills, but he’s absolutely worth it.


3) How is he on special teams?

not a super star, but incredibly solid. Bush is really consistent across the board in that he’s does what is asked of him, and executes his responsibilities.


4) Can he play more nickel or closer to the line of scrimmage?

He can play in the box, and can cover some, but you aren’t going to want him in coverage too much. He’s a guy whose more of a heat seeking missile that takes out the ball carrier, and less of a guy that’s great at keeping them from catching it in the first place. That isn’t to say he’s bad in coverage, but he’s a back up for a reason. However, he does have the versatility to play deep and near the line of scrimmage so he’s valuable there.


5) I know he started a handful of games and the Bills already have two established starters in Poyer/Hyde at safety. Is he the type of guy you’d feel comfortable with starting in case one of them went down?

Absolutely. He was a ‘break glass in case of emergency’ starter here, and was never the guy you were pointing the finger at when he played (by fans or on film).


6) Any unique stats/games you can think of that jump out at you about him that Bills fans can look at?

No stats or games per se, but he did knock Percy Harvin into another dimension in a playoff game a few years ago.

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