Ramblings from the end of the season (I know, I’m a bit behind)

Well… I am sure that most of the Coyotes are out enjoying their tee times. Yet again they missed the playoffs. This can be contributed to many things but I am sick of making excuses for the guys. To me it comes down to one main thing, coaching. You can blame the players that were traded for the post all star game melt down, you can blame it on too much youth inexperience, you can blame it on bad goaltending/defense/not scoring but ultimately it is the coaching staff that needs to fix the aforementioned problems. But I am not being stupid, I know that nothing will change there which is why I think one won’t see very much change next season. Sure, we got some good guys at the trade deadline but what will happen this summer to all of them? I will cover this later, maybe even another post.

We couldn’t even tank properly and get the highest draft pick. We ended up picking 6th, which is where we were supposed to. Why even do the draft lottery? I don’t remember the first pick ever going to anyone besides the team in last. I would guess that picking 6th means we will not get John Tavares. Oh well….

It was good to see the Coyotes at least win their last game. It doesn’t surprise me though, they always play better against the Ducks and Sharks. The final game was the Ducks and we beat them in a shoot out with Tiki getting the game winner.

I really hate fan appreciation night. You know why? Because a lot of the prizes go to people who have never been to a game or go once or twice a year. It’s rare that a STH wins and if they do, they are paying big bucks. One year a husband and wife each won the big prizes (like a tv and a laptop). I think a lot of the Coyotes contests are rigged. I also was disappointed that they didn’t do the jerseys this year; they did game used sticks. Who does that? I mean, even other sports to do the jersey of the back. I also didn’t like how the players that didn’t play didn’t go out to give out their sticks, even though they were there.

Vince Vaughn was also at our last game. That was probably the highlight for me when we were playing like shit (you know, we had the lead but then slacked off… typical). He was also at our last away game against LA. I figured he was a Kings fan but maybe he is a Coyotes fan? Someone said his dad has a house in the area, so he could be an LA fan and just like to go to hockey games when he is in a hockey city (like me).

Wow, I am just jumping all over the place! This is really how I talk and think. My brain moves to fast and I just try to get it all out so sometimes it’s not organized well. 😛
And more bad news, my other team has been officially eliminated from the first round. Damn the Pens. I hope they crash and burn next round. I really can’t stand them!

I am hearing that Flyers fans now hate Carcillo. Well, it’s not his fault you were up 3-0 and then totally couldn’t keep it together. He was challenged to a fight and he’s not going to back down. It’s not his fault that his team did not respond to him winning a fight. They should have skated just as hard and kept their defense up.
I am not sure what to think about this years finals. All my teams and secondary teams (you know… the ones I only cheer for in the finals) are out (or hanging by a thread).
I dunno, I just can’t get into the finals this year. And I don’t have Versus, even though the Cox and Versus websites say I should have it.

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