It seems like ages since I have written anything. After this season, I needed some time off though. I am back, but not sure how back I really am. I have my summer class coming up and it’s going to be a tough one and require much time and effort from me.

I haven’t been able to watch much hockey since the Coyotes have been out. It seems Cox cable doesn’t like the expanded cable people. You have to have digital cable to get Versus, even though I get some crappy channels past Versus. Go Figure. I’ve watched a few of the Flyers games that have been on NBC.

I am extremely excited that the Penguins and the Red Wings are out. I could not have taken a third year of Penguins versus Red Wings. I would have had to shoot myself. In the foot of course.

I could be wrong, but I think the Cup is coming to the West this year. I love my Flyers but I’m not sure either the Flyers or the Habs can beat the Sharks or the Blackhawks. They both have the tenacity and the want but do they have enough skill and fire power left in them? I don’t know, but either way it should be a great, exciting final two rounds!

In other news the City of Glendale has approved paying for some of the losses next season, if a new owner is not in place. Or something along those lines. I tried not to read too much about it because most of it was by the haters. But either way, City of Glendale wants the team here and they are willing to help out a bit if needed. And the Coyotes will be in Phoenix this coming season, not Winnipeg.

I have some ideas for some off-season blogs. I just need to find where I put the list. So stay tuned for that. I plan on finishing the Doan song. I also hope to get up some good player profiles. There is also the NHL Awards, which the Coyotes have three people nominated for different awards. Then we have the draft, rookie camp and of course the pre-training camp camp. I may take a day or two off and go check that out this year. I didn’t get to it last year since we didn’t have flex days anymore. I also have some pictures I took that I want to post. I just need to go through all of them and find some good ones. I also don’t want to re-post ones that I used during the season, but that will be more difficult to figure out.

  • My co-worker wants to go to Vegas for the NHL awards. It would be a lot of fun. I’m not sure we could both get the time off work though. Hmmmm…..
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