Random Questions: Starring Mike Rutherford, and ULismyhothot from Card Chronicle, and Friends

This issue of random questions brings all new guests. We have Mike Rutherford from Card Chronicle, ULismyhothot, also from CC, Leigh, who comments on CC and lives in Washington DC, and Nicole, who probably reads CC, but more importantly, follows me on twitter. As you can tell, their names are linked with their twitter accounts. I’m very happy and thankful for them to have taken the time to answer the questions this week.

I’ve said this countless times, but one of the reasons I started this blog, was because I wanted there to be a UC community like the one Mike has at Card Chronicle. This post is a prime example of that, as I would know none of these people without it. Having a place where you can read, and share your thoughts about your team is a great thing to have. It makes games a little more fun. Having someone at the helm who is a very good writer like Mike is, is another drawing point to CC. I mean he wrote a post comparing Louisville football to Saved by the Bell. I think slowly but surely, we are getting somewhere with this site. Let’s get to the questions. 

What’s the best movie you’ve seen in 2011? Why? It doesn’t have to be one in a theaters, or anything new, just one you’ve seen for the first time this year.

Mike Rutherford: You’re picking the wrong time in my life to ask this question. I have seen less moves in 2011 than I have during any time period since I was like six. Off the top of my head I can only think of three or four movies that I’ve seen for the first time in the past eight months. 

That said, I’m going to say True Grit, and I didn’t love it. Yeah, I’m sorry. 

ULismyHotHot: Croupier (2000), via Netflix Instant Queue. Croupier tells the story of a writer named Jack (Clive Owen),  who takes a job as a croupier (casino dealer) in London with the intention of writing a book about his experiences. 

Tension builds slowly as Owen’s girlfriend struggles with accepting his sudden, seedy occupational change and Jack, a calculating James Bond-like professional at his job, becomes increasingly detached from his world and loses himself in the croupier’s.

Netflix suggested I watch Croupier based on my affinity for other gambling movies. Croupier is gritty but not overly-stylized. The main character is mysterious, dark and convincingly cool. And Owen nailed it.

Honestly, Croupier was not the best movie I saw in 2011, that would be True Grit. But it was the most surprisingly good movie based on my expectations and assumptions. Plus, you’ve already watched True Grit already. All seven of you reading this would’ve skipped over this part of my Q&A if I had reviewed it.

Leigh: The best movie I’ve seen this year is Bridesmaids – probably not the most intelligent, but definitely made me laugh the most in theaters. Since movies have become crazy expensive, I try to be pretty picky about what I see on the big screen. And also, I have crappy taste in movies.

Nicole: Sucker Punch. My initial impression was that it was all about mind control so I rented it with quite a bit of intrigue. I like to read into films and take from them what I can. SP really taps into adversity and avengence with a sexy cast of characters and several fantasy scenarios full of speed, destruction, and redemption – it’s spectacular! The soundtrack rocked. The ending delivered. And Emily Brown as a blonde?! Come on now…

What’s the best sports moment you’ve been involved in?

MR: My junior year of high school we lost in the state baseball championship game. That wasn’t it. But the best celebration/moment I ever had playing sports was probably when we won region that same year (’02). It was something our school hadn’t done in almost 20 years, and running from the outfield into the dog-pile on the mound was one of the four or five best feelings I’ve ever had. 

HH: Tough question. There are a handful of special sports moments I’ve been fortunate enough to witness: Tiger Woods’ playoff victory over Bob May in the 2000 PGA, Louisville’s first BCS bowl win in 2007 and a spur-of-the-moment road-trip last fall to watch Louisville men’s soccer in the College Cup. But my best sports moment is one you’ve never heard of.

First, a brief setup. I went to a small college in an even smaller town. When the fall semester resumes each year, the town’s population promptly doubles. One stop light. One fast food restaurant. You know the type. 

The university has a pious athletic department and humble sporting history. Most sports compete at the NAIA level and at their zenith, draw hundreds of fans, not thousands. My best sports moment happened during my junior year at a nondescript basketball game. 

It wasn’t the most skillfully played game. It certainly wasn’t televised or talked about in the next morning’s paper. I know because I just spent twenty minutes trying to track down the opponent and stats. No luck. Par for the course in NAIA basketball.

I don’t remember the moment we stood up but I do remember standing for the entire fourth quarter. A classic back-and-forth game between conference rivals. The lead changed nearly every possession. We thought the game was over when our opponent scored a go-ahead bucket with six seconds remaining to go up by one.

With no timeouts left to call, our diminutive point guard, Jimmy took the inbounds pass and sprinted past half-court, right in front of our seats. He darted towards the baseline, stopped short and threw a bullet pass to our small forward, Ryan, standing a foot behind the free throw line. Ryan fumbled the ball. Time stopped. A woman actually shrieked, which was funny. 

Somehow, Ryan recovered the ball at his knees and hurled it at the rim in one motion. It floated through the air with the urgency of an astronaut sleeping in space.
Shriek. Buzzer. Swish.

The stands emptied in less time than it took the game-winning shot to hit net. It was a small school moment that’s hard to describe to those who weren’t there. It happens at every gym every once in awhile but of all my great sports moments, that’s the one I’m proudest to have witnessed.

L: The obvious choice is Louisville vs Syracuse, the last game in Freedom Hall. Everyone was so pumped and the day went perfectly. Also happened to coincide with my going away party before I moved.

N: In high school, we played a sectional softball game against a top team with a record-breaking pitcher. I had base hits each time I was up against her. While I was on defense in left field, nothing got by me. I robbed girls every chance I got. I also succeeded in my first and only diving catch to end a pretty intense inning. Not sure what got into me that evening, but the sporting Gods were on my side and I felt like I could do anything. We lost, but it was a great night.

If the US did away with speed limits, would you drive like your normally do, become a speed freak, never drive again, or something else?

MR: Drive like I normally do. I’m a f—ing loser. (ED: that was self censored. I wouldn’t have minded if he said fuck)

HH: To find the true answer, I asked my girlfriend how she thought I’d drive without speed limits and she quickly replied “speed freak.” 
If this happened, I don’t think I’d want to be a motorcycle rider in America.

L: I would probably continue to drive as usual (a little fast and aggressive) – I find driving in Louisville to be like a casual drive in the country now that I’ve had to tackle the big bag Beltway (i-495).

N: I imagine I would drive like I do now. 80-85 mph is a good speed for me so I’m happy wherever I can do at least that. Unless my niece and nephew are in the car, then I’m the old lady in the slow lane.

Nick recent brought back classic 90s shows. What were your favorite 90s Nick shows?

MR: Legends of the Hidden Temple (Green Monkeys! Kids getting scared shitless!), Doug, Rugrats (Guilty pleasure), and Wild and Crazy Kids (The Jim Abbott episode is forever etched into my mind). 

HH: I didn’t have cable growing up but did watch a little Hey Dude and Salute Your Shorts at my neighbor’s place when we weren’t busy playing Sega while rocking the Shaq Diesel CD.

Due to cable restrictions, I’m more of a The Wonder Years and Garfield kind of guy.

L: Are you Afraid of the Dark? is my ultimate favorite show of all time. I can have a fairly in-depth conversation about any episode. Also, I dug Salute Your Shorts.

N: I didn’t watch Nick in the 90’s. I was too busy sneaking HBO and whichever skin channel I strained to see through the static. I also had a pretty strict curfew so I would listen to CBS shows on the radio while laying in bed. Sheltered, I know. But, if I could bring back 90’s shows they’d be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Saved By the Bell! Love me some Donatello!

A huge thanks to all four guests. I know that they all had things going on the past week that sapped their time, but they all still took the time to help me out. They are nice people. Really, what can you say to that besides thanks? They said ‘pay me money,’ and that’s the tale of how this piece cost eight hundred fifty six dollars and thirty nine cents.