Here are some of my random thoughts from the last two games.

Canucks: oh this is horrid. Do not want to relive this. Bascis? We lost. Lou got the shut out. first, I turn the volume down so I don’t have to listen to tyson. second, I stop watching. The best part?  Tweeting with the enemy, and fellow Bloguin blogger. What did we talk about? Douche bag fans and players.

Tonight against the Isles: First: not so bad, started off well. Second: CRAP. CRAP. CRAP. Third: OH MY GOD! This is so not last years team! Helluva comeback. OT: Shit, I hate OT. Shootout: I really dislike the shootout. It is far to stressfull and is not a good measure of who really won.

More random thoughts from tonight:
1. Watching Sami play makes me happy. 
2. I totally stalkerazzi Pru and Sami during warmups. Once I am able to put all the pics on my computer, it’s gonna be crazy how many I have of them. This may call for its own blog entry this off-season.
3. Also in the plans for this off-season: Full contact WII NHL. Yes, full contact. It’s gonna be awesome. Oh yah, and I get to wear the Pru.
4. Doan cut his hair. This has altered the time space continum. I need to re-write my Doan snub piece for the Olympic blog.. The world has gone all topsy turvey!
5. Still dislike Jovo.
6. I miss Uppy, but probably not as much as Lombo.
7. Vandy and Adrian tag team? BEST IDEA EVER!
8. Pru in the shoot out? Still gold (I know he missed, but whatever, he is still gold).
9. Taylor got a goal. I jumped up and down.
10. Pseuds took a high stick to the mouth. First words out of my mouth? BLEEED PSEUDO, BLEEEED! Amy? She yells, “BITE YOUR LIP PSEUDO!” and twitter blows up with various 140 ways to get the 4 minutes. And boy did we need those 4 minutes.
11. I looked for DiPi and couldn’t find him. I had considered kidnapping him and bringing him to my home. Its pretty safe here, he wouldn’t get hurt. And I’m sure I could get some whipped cream or whateves. Oh wait, he might get hurt… Good thing I didn’t find him. 😉

Well, that is all I have for now. I need to get some sleep.


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