Randy Orton Calls Roman Reigns ‘The Smartest Man In The Business’

Roman Reigns

Randy Orton, The Miz, and Christian were interviewed by Cathy Kelly for an Intercontinental Champions roundtable. The three former champions discusses a number of subjects, including what the IC title means, memorable feuds and matches, how it has lost its prestige compared to how it used to be, and more.

The trio also talked about their own action figures, and how the way to get new dolls is to change your ring gear. This is why, as they discussed, someone like Rey Mysterio has multiple action figures. Orton was asked if he has considered making changes in his ring gear, and he stated that he has, but is getting too old to do a lot of wardrobe changes.

Orton also stated how years ago, he felt macho coming to the ring. Now, “it’s like, I feel naked out there.” He added, “you know, and I like to drink beers, so it’s like I’m starting to get the [beer gut].” He then commented on who the smartest person in the WWE is regarding wardrobe.

“You know who the smartest [man] in this business is? Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns. All he has to do is train shoulders and arms… I gotta get Roman’s guy to make me a bullet-proof vest.”

Kevin Owens was also mentioned, because he wears a shirt, but Orton took a slight jab at his appearance. “Kevin Owens, I don’t know what’s going on there,” said Orton. “But for some reason, he’s smart too.”

When The Shield broke up in 2014, many fans criticized Reigns for being the only person to maintain the same kind of gear, while Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose transitioned into different gear.

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However, based on what Orton stated, Reigns may have been the smartest person in the trio as a result of keeping similar gear, due to the maintenance that comes with keep their physiques in tip-top condition. Even if Reigns did not keep his Shield gear, though, he has the most intimidating physique out of the three, so the vest and pants is not purposely hiding a bad look.

You can watch the full video above, and please be sure to credit The Floor Seat for any quotes used in this article. 

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