Ravens fake FG was epic fail due to Justin Tucker’s mental mistake


The key to executing a fake field-goal attempt as a kicker is to make it look like you’re actually going to kick the ball.

The Baltimore Ravens learned that lesson Sunday in their game against the Redskins, when Justin Tucker, a right-footed kicker, lined up to kick from the other side. That telegraphed the fake, and the Redskins were all over it, obviously realizing that Tucker does not kick with his left foot.

The end result was one of the worst fake field-goal attempts you’ll see, and it failed miserably. Tucker attempted to throw a pass on the run and it hit Redskins safety Duke Ihenacho in his helmet.


The Ravens were clinging to a four-point lead at the time, and the better option there would’ve been to just line up and kick the 35-yard field goal to extend their lead to a touchdown.

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