Reason Why Kane Is Returning At WWE ‘Crown Jewel’ Revealed


The announcement of Kane as The Undertaker’s corner man at WWE’s Super Show-Down on October 6 is the talk of the pro wrestling world. That’s due in large part because of Shawn Michaels’ involvement as well but it’s also due to the reunion of The Brothers of Destruction.

Many WWE fans feel that The Undertaker’s character has been incomplete due to the absence of The Big Red Machine. But that will be rectified when the two men stand together on October 6.

However, many are asking why Kane, also known as Glenn Jacobs, would take time away from his new job as Knox County Mayor to make the trip to Australia for Super Show-Down. Is it merely just to rejoin his storyline brother for a renewed rivalry against Degeneration-X?

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Knox News is reporting that WWE is donating $100,000 to Knoxville’s first responders. The announcement was made on September 18. leading many to believe it was a great way to ease the voter’s minds leading up to Kane’s WWE return.

Vince McMahon commented on the contribution to Knoxville’s local nonprofit.

“We’re happy to support this charity of behalf of Mayor Jacobs,” WWE CEO Vince McMahon said in the release. “Much like his unparalleled contributions to advancing the WWE brand during his stellar career of more than 20 years, Mayor Jacobs has begun work to improve Knox County.”

Apparently it was Mayor Jacobs himself who requested the donation and WWE was only happy to oblige. The money will go toward the Knox County Sheriff’s office, Knoxville police department and fire department as well.

Kane’s return does indeed bring The Undertaker full circle. The two have fought against each other and fought together, in many different rivalries over the years. Their reunion at Super Show-Down will surely be explosive, as will their new feud with Hunter and Shawn.

That feud could ultimately lead to a main event tag team match at WWE Crown Jewel on November 2. However that match has not officially been announced by the company.

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