Recruiting rumors?

I have heard from a couple of people now, we’ll call them “sources”, that say Stewart is very serious now about becoming a Coug. Needless to say this weekend is gigantic with the official visit. There is even another rumor making the rounds today that not only does Stewart lean towards WSU, but another all-state offensive lineman that has verbally committed elsewhere may have in fact de-committed yesterday to the school he was going to go to, with the inside knowledge that with Stewart heading to Pullman, he wants to go with him!

I know, lots of speculation, and until any announcement is official, we need to hold off on any parades. Inside sources are just what they are, people that can be considered close to the situation or have heard very promising things from people who would actually know. But rumor-mongering can be a dangerous thing. All I know is late last night and early today, there have been some really positive feelings about Mr. Stewart and WSU!

Watch, now he’ll go commit to Florida when Spurrier takes the job….

On the field – Something tells me we’re going to give these guys a game. I don’t think we’ll win, mind you, and in fact the final score might look worse than the game actually was, but I just have a gut feeling we’re going to play them tough. Much like it took SC a half to really wake up last week, I think we’ll probably see much of the same thing. Remember, SC hasn’t been on the road for a while now, they played 3 straight home games (CAL, ASU and UW) in warm weather, and two of those were big, emotional wins. This is a whole different deal. Call me crazy, but if it’s 31-17 as the final score with them getting a TD very late in the game to salt it away, I wouldn’t be surprised. It might even come down to us getting the ball down a score and driving, only to see Brink float one into the flat that gets run back for 6 and there’s your ballgame, but I really think for some strange, freaky feeling that the Cougs are going to be ready on Saturday.

All I know is, the game plan this year is the same as it was last year – MAKE MATT Leinart MOVE! If he has all day to set up back there, with the young-but-talented WR’s he has, he’ll pick the Cougs apart. BUT, if you bring Scott Davis and Derting and Dildine in all sorts of combinations, and best of all, flush that big SOB, he’s not the same QB. It’s been shown on tape, make that guy move and he’s nothing like he is when he can just have a picnic in the pocket. Combine that with the fact that USC has a young O-line, playing on the road before drunk WSU fans on Dad’s weekend, well, WHO THE HELL KNOWS!??!

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