Red Wings @ Coyotes

So, the final score was 4-2 Wings, but the game was much closer than the score implies.

The first red wings goal, I am blaiming on Boynton. He seemed way out of position. And i think he knew it. as soon as the guy on his side got the puck, boynton raced to the net but it was too late. I dont really place the blame on bryz because he had his eye on the guy who just had the puck and probably thought his other dman was there, where he should have been. Also, this was a wings PP goal.

Our first goal was an amazing one by Jovo. Yes, I just put the words amazing and jovo in the same sentence. Crazy. But dont worry, the damn jovo will be coming back later in this entry. Jovo just came down the center of the ice and fired the puck right into the net. No wings players anywhere near him or his line of shot. Beautiful. Oh and congrats to Jovo on his 100th goal! (a lot of our guys seem to be reaching milestones this year, although not records, just milestones)

The next goal was a penalty shot by Vrbata. It was amazing. Even his break away was awesome. He was just flying down the ice with amazing puck control. It totally looked like it would have went in but a wings player was behind him and reached his stick around him. At first they just said penalty but I saw no one going to the box and I was thinking, are they giving us a penalty shot? Damn that would be amazing if they did. And god damn it, we got the shot! So that puts us up 2-1.

The next wings goal is total crap. Doan gets a crap interference call. Im so fucking sick of this call this year. We are always getting called interference for crap. And then Ballard gets called for slashing. WTF. He was just standing there. He didnt do crap. Hes been getting a ton of phantom calls lately. so, wings have a 5 on 3 and score making it 3-2.

Our guys continue to battle it out. Have a lot of good chances but just cant seem to capitalize on it. We pull bryz and then detroit gets the puck and score the empty netter. Although we fought to stop them on that goal it just wasnt enough to completly stop them so it ended up 4-2.

Ok, ballard had another off night. he attempted a hip check but missed by a whole lot. he was way out of position a lot. he did better when paired with morris but for some reason when he was with Z he just seemed off. Yandle was a scratch but he could have done more for us than Jones. Im kind of hoping either Jones or Boynton is traded. Im just not impressed with Jones lately. And as much as i love boynton for his toughness, hes just not doing so well for us. Hes scored on our own goalie i think twice this year and he just seems out of position a lot. And we will never be able to trade Jovo, so boynton and jones are the next expendable in my mind.

Jovo made a few good plays but he still turned the puck over a lot. He passes to everyones fucking skates. Then they have to fumble around and try to get the puck out and settled down and by that point they have 2-3 players from the other team there. And again i ask WHY IS HE PLAYING 1:30 ON THE PP?????????? Damn Jovo. Damn Jovo, Damn Jovo!

Ive decided I really like Joel Perrault. he seems to be doing really well. he seems to make a lot of chances. Im still undecided on Lisin. I feel like i need to see more of him to make a decision. hes shown some flashes of greatness but other times, i just dont even notice him out there. Of all our prospects, he seems most expendable to me. Im not attached to him so if maloney is able to flip him at the deadline (or before) Im not going to care, at this point. If i start to see more from him and i start to like him, I might not want him to be traded. But at this point there are so many other players on our team that I like and wouldnt want to see traded. I also wouldnt want to see some of our prospects traded (turris, wheeler, summers, porters). So yah, at this point I wouldnt mind if Lisin was trade bait.

Morris has really stepped up this year. I was calling for him to be traded last season but now, hell no. And last night he played really well. He seemed to be hitting everything that moved in a red wings jersey.

And speaking of red wings jersey, god damn some of their fans are obnoxious! There was a guy in front of me that every time a wings player touched the puck hed shout “BREAK OUT! BREAK OUT!” jesus christ, you cant have a break out when its 3 on 1! And I think Vrbata actually had the best break away (and maybe only one?) of the night. There were a lot of 2 on 1s and a few 1 on 1s but not complete breakaways. And then one of the kids he was with kept yelling coyotes suck! and other random stuff. It was so damn annoying, he was like 12 and his parents let him yell like that? Hell, my parents where in town and at the game and I was much more well-behaved than normal. Just in general wings fans are obnoxious. I hope next year we totally kick the wings’ ass 4 times. I know we can do it. This was a close game. If not for the crap calls on Doan and Ballard, we could have won it.

Quote of the Day:
“I just about crapped my pants. I couldn’t believe it. I was in shock. And I kind of jumped the rail and talked to him for about 10 minutes. It was incredible, it was unbelieveable. He was really down to earth. It was one of the highlights of my hockey career.” – Kyle Turris on meeting Steve Yzerman

That sounds just like the Kyle I met at rookie camp. He was just so excited about everything. I was talking to him at the meet the rookies and he was so excited that I had Badgers merchandise. He couldnt beleive it. And when I asked for a pic, he practically jumped over the table! It was pretty funny. He seems like a great kid and I cant wait for him to get here. Im thinking he will be at Wisconsin at least 2 years.

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