Redskins Training Camp Quotes: The QBs


RICHMOND, Va — All three Redskins quarterbacks took to the podium for the first time at training camp and while there was nothing to infer from the order in which they spoke, it was clear that the veterans were a little more comfortable in front of the media than Haskins was so you can make of that what you will. 


On his condition:

“I feel fine, I feel fine. It’s nice to just be back out on the field, and, you know, it’s been a while since I’ve played football. I’m fighting through some things, but just to be out here and playing and taking reps – [I] don’t take that for granted – and glad to be back out there.”

On his injury from last season:

“I worked really hard to be able to be out here right now. Lots of hours doing rehab, lots of hours with our training staff – still doing that, you know, still working through those things – but, I feel good. Nice to be on good grass out here; I complement our field guys every day. This is really nice.”

On if he had thoughts after the organization drafted and traded for a quarterback:

“Yea, I think so a little bit, but you know all my coaches and everybody just said, ‘You got to get healthy first. You get healthy and then we’ll see where we are.’ That has been my main focus and the top-down has been real supportive of me, and, you know, I did have several operations and had some difficulties, but we’re fighting through those and, you know, I felt pretty good these last few days.”

On his surgeries:

“I had three, but we’re fine. You know, sometimes things happen and I don’t really want to get into it too much, but I know that I’m at a point right now where I feel good enough to get out there and throw and move around and just everyday working through that and seeing how it feels, and, again, everyone here is real supportive of me and my situation. I want to be out there and compete. I understand the opportunity at hand. Been here a long time…but I don’t want to make this about me; I’ve been here with Jay [Gruden] for six years and a lot of these guys on the team: J. [Jordan] Reed, Brandon [Scherff]. You know, I think the urgency from us older guys is different right now. From Jay down to our coaches, I really think that we have an attitude of like what we’ve done so far is really not up to our standard and we need to stay healthy, but we also need to put it together and dial it in and figure out who we are as an offense and how we’re going to be. How we’re going to attack defenses – and those are things that I want to be out there for understanding. Every year, each team is different – have a little different philosophy – but I feel good with where we are for two days, but, again, we haven’t even put the pads on yet, so real football is coming.”

On his increased throwing speed:

“Drew Brees (QB New Orleans Saints) said, ‘The older you get, the stronger his arm felt,’ and I can’t argue with that. That’s pretty good. I thought he was lying when he was 32, 33, but I have worked hard at that for sure. A lot of the… throwing the football is not your arm, its patterning, its sequencing, your force comes from the ground. That comes from my leg, getting that strength in, getting that in-the-ground throwing, being confident in that, that’s all a part of the throwing process. I’m a little rusty for a couple of days on some things, but overall, I feel pretty confident.” 

On returning from the injury to finish the season: 

“Well, I think you can’t plan for some of the things that happen. You know, those are just rare instances that we had to fix some things. But again, I’ve got great doctors, great staff, coaches that take care of me, so I’ve definitely have… it’s been a seven-day-a-week job to get back here, just being on the field, I count it as a blessing for sure.”

On mentoring and competing with QB Dwayne Haskins:

“For sure, Dwayne is super talented. This offense is not easy to pick up your first year. I remember when I came here; I was going into year five and I learned more football in just OTAs in the spring and you’re challenged to think. I would say the challenge for Dwayne, from the limited things that I saw in the spring to where we are right now, he’s fully embraced it and working hard and not making the same mistakes and I’m certainly walking through that with him. I told him day one, we’re competing. We’re on the same team. The goal for us is to win. The coach is going to put the best player out there. Who he thinks is ready to lead this team. If that’s you, if that’s me, then we’re in this thing together and I think it’s been a good room so far.”

On missing OTAs during a quarterback competition:

“I think it’s early right now. I certainly would have liked to have been out there in the spring. I think my focus over these first two days and as we keep going is we have an unbelievably talented group of young receivers. I don’t know if I’ve been around, in 10 years, drafted and undrafted rookie guys that can play. These guys are competing. There is a competition in that room for sure. They all can run. They can separate. So these two days, I’ve really been focused on how does this guy break down, get in and out of his cut, what’s his depths of his routes, talking to them, communicating. I think that the disadvantage would be that they (Case Keenum and Dwayne Haskins) got to throw with them all spring. I’m not confused at all about the offense or the system – I’ve been here long enough for that – it’s just getting a feel for everybody.”

On an area where he needs more consistency: 

“There are a lot of things. I think as we move forward, I think you sort of eliminating my leg and making sure it feels good. I think these two days I’ve really focus on how I feel and I think I’ve done a pretty good job of handling that and now not really detailing and dialing in. Sort of what I mentioned a little bit before, who we are. Are we going to be a two-back team, a one-back team? Every year we are a little bit different and but  again, I have to say coming out here and throwing the ball around, it’s what I do and love it, but Jordan [Reed] and Vernon [Davis], those guys are just playing at an elite level. These young guys see that and they are working and competing and Paul [Richardson Jr.] has been great in that room. He has played a lot of football He’s talking about routes and depths. When we get back to the hotel, spending some time with those guys and really understanding what they see and how they see leverage. Field is different from a college field. The numbers are different, the hash marks are different – I want you to get here. It’s coming along. Ike [Hilliard, Wide Receivers Coach] has done a great job with them and I think if we can get a couple of those guys to sort of separating some of themselves and standout, I think we have a chance to be pretty explosive.”

On his pattern of injuries:

“Well, I think yeah you’re right, I’ve dealt with some injuries. I don’t think it’s been my play on the field that has taken me off the field. I have to sort of remind myself that I am confident in that, confident in what we do. Staying upright is a big point of emphasis.”

On the team’s sense of urgency:

“I don’t want to say we’re different. I think urgency is a good word. Our defense is playing well. My first two days playing against our guys, getting a lot of the one-reps. The D-line, the secondary, Dunny (Quinton Dunbar) is playing great, J-No (Josh Norman) showed up. They’re showing a lot of different looks, adding Landon (Collins). Landon has made some plays that – great to see from my stand-point – but hard to beat. I squeezed one in on him down the sideline, but he was in perfect position. He’ll bait you. They’re smart. Taking reps against those guys is what football is all about and making me better. I am making them better. I am excited to put the pads on. I think overall, I think there is good leadership, I really do. I think the older guys on this team are challenging the young guys. I think we have a wonderful coaching staff. This training camp down here in Richmond has worked. It’s figuring out who we are. I’m getting tons of different looks in addition of Rob Ryan (Inside Linebackers Coach). I was with him in Cleveland. He’s a great source of knowledge, he can talk ball with him. (Greg) Manusky (Defensive Coordinator) is awesome. Figuring out those things, seeing different looks, I think we’re competing on both sides of the ball and it’s really helping our football team.”



On learning the offense and his progress:

“I feel good. You know, I feel good, but at the same time, I’m a long way away. I think there’s a lot of room to grow. I love this offense. It’s one of my favorite offenses I’ve ever played in. I love the way Jay [Gruden], Kev [Kevin O’Connell, Offensive Coordinator], Cav [Matt Cavanaugh, Senior Offensive Assistant] – those guys and Tim [Ratty, Quarterbacks Coach] – the way they see the field. The way they see offense, the way some of the same plays I’ve run, just different points where I’ve focused on different reads, take me to different places where I might’ve not gone before. So, I really like it. It’s good, and it’s nice to have a spring under my belt where I can kind of work on those little intricacies and details”

On the quarterback competition:

“Yeah, there are a lot of position groups here that are stacked. I leaned over, I think I saw Samaje [Perine] make a run today and looked over at Chris Thompson and was like, ‘We’re loaded at running back.’ And the same thing at quarterback, I think we can all play really well. A lot of big-time throws being made. I think it’s great – I think it’s fun. We all love football. I remember this morning, I was looking out on the backfield and I saw the little kids playing ‘tackle the man’ or whatever. I thought about when that was us and now we’re out here playing for the Washington Redskins. Taking little moments like that, I think appreciate is a great word for what we get to do as basically big kids. Playing the same sport we’ve been playing all our lives. I definitely appreciate the competition and I love it.”

On if the offense fits his style of play:

“Yeah, so ’17 with Pat (Shurmer, 2017 Minnesota Vikings Offensive Coordinator), obviously Sam Bradford was the starter through the spring and training camp. Week 2, I went in and played most of the rest of the year, it was kind of making myself fit what happened, Pat and Kevin Stefanski (Minnesota Vikings Offensive Coordinator) and those guys, we were able to meet in a really good spot. I thought they did a great job getting us in great situations, getting our playmakers running their best routes on the match-ups that we really wanted too. I thought that was a good job. Denver, last year with Bill [Musgrave, Offensive Coordinator], it was great coming in and being the guy, doing that throughout spring and training camp and learning what we did well. Obviously, we didn’t do well enough. Coming here now with an established coach – those were all transitional times – with a coach like Jay and Kev, Tim and Cav, those guys have been talking about with an offense that’s been established, receivers that have been in the offense more than one year, it’s great. Colt who has been here five years, there’s a lot of knowledge, There’s a lot of getting down deep in the weeds of these plays, situationally and looking at different things different ways. I really appreciate it. It’s really fun to be part of an offense that’s like that. I think I’ve grown tremendously as a player in the short time I’ve been here. I’m excited to see the steps I take forward.”

On if he was shocked that the Minnesota Vikings released him after the 2017 NFC Championship:

“No. I mean as time went on and they didn’t sign me back, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. It was kind of a gradual decision you could say. No. It didn’t surprise me if that was you question.”

On QB Dwayne Haskins’ progress:

“A lot of areas, he’s making leaps and bounds. He’s a really good football player and he’s going to be a great quarterback for a long time. He makes some big time throws with guys in his face. I know we’re not getting hit right now, but there’s some big guys running at him – full speed on some plays – and, you know, some throws I’ve been really impressed by. Operationally, just playing quarterback in the NFL, it’s a different operation than it is at any college – I don’t care if you played at Ohio State or any other school, too. He’s got the learning curve, but he’s attacking every day and I’m impressed by what I’ve seen so far.”

On recent golf competition with Tony Romo and why NFL quarterbacks are so skilled at golf:

“So every year in late in February, we do this quarterback golf challenge. It’s like the last two days in February like the 30th, 31st. Every year we do this golf challenge and we all go and work really, really hard at practice. Do you get it? Okay good. I don’t know man, I mean something in a quarter backs nature where,  one, you tell me I can’t do something I am going to sit there and try and do it until I can. Two, I don’t want to call it perfectionism, but I want to master something, I want to have a craft and master it in golf. It’s a sport that very few, if anybody ever, has mastered it completely. I love it, it’s a great way to unwind in the offseason and just train in the morning and then go out and hit golf balls. It just kind of clears my mind, but I love it. I missed a couple puts that last day to be up there in second place. It was Tony’s tournament he was winning the whole time though.”

On his thoughts on TE Jordan Reed:

“Man, it’s been so much fun being in the NFL and being around so many different types of tight ends because in college I didn’t play with really a tight end. We were four-wide, five-wide. It’s been so cool being around him and Vernon [Davis] because I’ve never been around talents like that, ever. They are special. And to have him back out there to see what he’s able to do, what he’s capable of doing, and to do it with him, and being able to be the one throwing him the ball, it’s been a lot of fun. I enjoy it tremendously.”

On difficulties adjusting to new wide receivers:

“It’s different with every receiver, some receivers it just kind of clicks. You look out there and you know what their thinking, they know what you’re thinking you. You know, that they know, that you know, what they’re thinking and so on. With other guys it takes a little time, but it’s not bad. That’s what training camp is for. That’s what the spring is for. That’s why you practice. Not every bad throw or bad route, missed catch, whatever, it’s not always terrible because you learn and get that situation ironed out in the training camp. You get that situation ironed out in preseason games, so that when it really counts, when it really matters, when its third down and six for the ball game against Philly [Philadelphia Eagles] Week 1 or even some of the games later on, you have already talked about it, you’ve already repped it, and you know that they know, that you know, that they know, and they do it.”

On the talent in the defensive secondary:

“Josh [Norman] is a talent man. He makes plays and it’s not just bad at passes, if it’s close to him he’s going to catch it. Those guys are scary. I’ve got a tremendous amount of respect for him having played him a couple of times in the past. Landon Collins, another guy, you could look up our stats together. [Dominique Rodgers] Cromartie same thing, all those guys and that’s just off the top of my head. There’s a really, really good secondary presence back there and their doing a great job of giving up some great looks. Different looks that are disguising and can be confusing at times. It’s been really good. They’re challenging our receivers. A lot of competition already going into the first two days.”

On his competitive mindset and operating as a possible starter: 

“Yeah, I’ve operated that way since I was on the practice squad my first year with the Texans. I knew I wasn’t going to play, I was fourth string, practice squad, quarterback but I treated each week like I was [going to play]. I got ready to play, I memorized the game plan just like Matt [Schaub] did and even though I wasn’t getting the reps, I’d go watch the film afterwards and what would I have done here. I’ve operated that way if I was the scout team quarterback, the second team, which you have to do as a backup, and then playing the same way. That’s how I operate, that gets me prepared because I’ve been in a lot of situations where my name has been called when I wasn’t expected too. So, you know there’s two sides to that.”

On differences in his preparation with the possibility of being a backup: 

“We’re kind of getting into the season and how that goes. You know there are some differences there, you can ask, that’s something for later on I think. If you’re getting the reps and you’re not getting the reps, there’s a little difference but that’s NFL, there’s not enough reps to go around, so you have to get mental reps, you have to stand behind, you have to watch the film and say what would I have done in this situation and what can I learn from it when I am in that situation.”

On how the team can benefit from a quarterback competition:

“I think you can definitely benefit. The team is better when we’re all competing against each other to make each other better. That’s at each position group. We’re all rooting each other on, too, which is good. We’re all good guys in that meeting room. So, nobody is hoping anybody does bad. We’re all helping each other out. Seeing, ‘Hey what did you see on this,’ ‘Talk to me about this,’ ‘How do you view this play?’ Having that chemistry, as well as the competition, that makes us all better, makes us better as quarterbacks, then it turns the offense and makes the offense better and it makes the team better.”



On working with QB Colt McCoy and QB Case Keenum: 

“It’s been great having guys like Case – Alex [Smith] has been in the meetings – and Colt, the coaches. Just being able to pick their brains every day, figure out new ways to get better, how to read defenses differently or find a trick to calling a play. I will do everything I can do to find little things to keep getting better.”

On if he had worked with QB Alex Smith:

“He wasn’t really around during minicamp, but he is here every day now so I’ll get to pick his brain.”

On practices here compared to OTAs:

“I feel like the format is still the same but they are definitely more intense. I think that is coming from a more intense install. I’m just trying to figure out how to play fast and healthy at the same time.”

On the speed at this level:

“Speed is fine. I wouldn’t say that the talent is much different from what I am used to. It’s just that guys are more instinctive and know what they’re doing more and they do a better job reading me. That is why I am trying to figure out how to beat them.”

On how comfortable he is with the offense:

“I want to master the playbook for me to be able to call plays on my own, for me to be able to understand what Coach Gruden wants when he calls a play and that will take time. Whatever they give me as far as install one, install two, whatever it is, I’m going to master that and make sure that’s what I know best for that practice. Everyday I’m just trying to make sure I know my job.”

On how he is approaching the quarterback competition:

“Just one percent better. One practice, one throw, one rep, one series at a time. It is easy to look at the end goal and wanting to play and wanting to start but that’s not the bigger picture. The bigger picture is being ready to play. That is what I am working on.”

On his improvements:

“I am starting to notice stuff where coach calls me a play and I already know what he wants to call. I know before he says it. I see a defense and I already see the rotation and flip the protection, call it hot. That is when I feel most comfortable is when I see it before it happens.”

On if his consistency has improved:

“The only time I feel not consistent or accurate is when I don’t know the play or if I am late on my drop. Otherwise now, I’m consistent.”

On his chemistry with Head Coach Jay Gruden:

“It is great. We have a great relationship and have cracked jokes every now and again. It’s very healthy. Me just trying to figure out what he wants. When we talk after a play, it’s like, ‘I saw this, what did you see?’ ‘How did you want this done?’ It makes it easier for him to trust me in the situation. Every time I get to ask him, Kevin [Offensive Coordinator Kevin O’Connell], or Coach Rattay [Quarterbacks Coach Tim Rattay] or even Cavanaugh [Senior Offensive Assistant Matt Cavanaugh], what did they see? What did they want? I put that mentally in my head and do it the next time I get the rep.”

On his conversation with Coach Gruden during 7-on-7:

“I was trying to figure out timing and where the receivers were going to be. We run a lot of option routes where the receiver picks where he wants to be. I’m ready to throw and he’s not ready to break and just trying to figure out the timing. It [the play] was ‘X and Z swirl’ with Josh [Doctson]. I was early on my drop – I threw it early – and he wasn’t ready to break out. If I would’ve taken an extra hitch, I would’ve hit him right in his chest, so I’m trying to figure stuff out like that.”

On WR Terry McLaurin:

“Whenever I see Terry in the huddle, I’m like, ‘Coach, call me a play for Terry,’ and that’s because I know where he’s going to be at. From his timing, how he runs his routes, his leverage, and how he beats defenders are in sync for me. So, I’m trying to get that way with everybody else. Terry does a great job. He knows where I’m going to be, I know where he’s going to be. It’s like night and day.”

On his recent progress regarding the cadence of his snap-count:

“In college, I said two words and they were ‘set, go.’ Now, I’ve got cadences, I’ve got different checks, different pronunciations for stuff. I’m trying to figure out how to flip the protection without making the right tackle jump. It’s just nuances of operation that you have to be conscious of playing quarterback, and that’s something I have to get experience doing.”

On the offensive line’s camp performance:

“They’re doing well. My thing is to try to elevate the guys around me. I don’t care who’s in the huddle – I don’t care if it’s 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, we’re going to go out there and play ball. When everyone’s in the huddle, I’m motivating, talking smack. We’re having fun and that’s what we do.” 

On how supportive the quarterback room is:

“[It is] very supportive. All of them have voiced to me that if I need something, I can go ask them. I’m more to myself as far as trying to figure out how to get better for me, but if I don’t understand a concept, I’ll as Colt [McCoy], I’ll ask Case [Keenum], I’ll ask whoever it is in the room. Just trying to figure out ways where I can make things simpler for me. They do a great job at that.”

On where he feels like he needs to improve:

“Consistency for me is calling every play right in the huddle, operating at the line of scrimmage, getting the ball, and just ripping it. That’s what I need to focus on every time I get the play, is relaxing and going out and playing ball.”

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