Renteria trade

Just a quick note for Sox fans. The Red Sox have traded Edgar Renteria to the Atlanta Braves for minor league 3B prospect, Andy Marte.

I don’t understand this trade at all. Yes, the Sox overpayed when they signed Renteria to a 4 yr 40 million dollar contract. But why give up on him after 1 year. I think the Sox should have tried to stick it out one more year with Renteria. It is hard to adjust as a hitter to new pitchers. I am thinking that the Sox weren’t pleased with his defense though. He did make over 30 errors with below average production at the plate.

Now that they have traded away Hanley Ramirez, whose going to play shortstop next year. Does this mean, we might have Nomar back at shortstop for us next year? Stay tuned as the GM less Sox construct their roster for 2006.

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