Reports: Celtics, Sixers talking trade for top pick

We’ve all operated on the assumption that the Celtics will select Markelle Fultz unless they’re wowed by a deal.

Well… Philly may be wowing them with a deal

First of all… breathe.

A) This is the rumor season, and we’ve been here before. How many times as a deal been this far along only to fall apart.

B) If it does happen, the Celtics are still getting a really good player at 3. This draft is loaded. We all know the consensus on Fultz, but it’s possible Ainge & crew have other ideas.. like…

C) This has to involve more than just swapping 1 for 3. I don’t know how the “several picks and no players” thing will ultimately work out… and we’ll have to see how the “several picks” things would go.

So at this point, there seems to be a bunch of smoke here. We’ll see if there’s a fire soon.

The funny thing is we just spent a podcast telling people to brace themselves or a wild weeks of rumors:

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