Reports: No recommendation yet on Sacramento Kings’ future following relocation/finance meeting

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No recommendation yet by the committee that will play a role in deciding the future of the Sacramento Kings.  The NBA’s joint relocation and finance committee concluded its special meeting on the Sacramento/Seattle situation and a decision may not be made until May.

From the Sacramento Bee:

(NBA Commissioner David) Stern said the owners on the joint relocation/finance advisory committee had not decided on a recommendation on the franchise’s future, but that the group has scheduled another meeting on the subject – their third – set for late next week. If a recommendation is made then, the full Board of Governors, made up of the league’s 30 team owners, cannot vote on the matter until seven days later, Stern said.

“The committee still has additional questions as they go through this in great detail,” Stern said. He said those questions still concern potential lawsuits facing arena plans in both Sacramento and Seattle, as well as financial issues with those plans.

Stern declined to give details on the committee meetings today. However, when asked about the possibility of the NBA expanding to a 31-team league, Stern said there are “no current plans to expand.”

Peter Holt, who owns the San Antonio Spurs and is the chair of the Board of Governors, said the committees are “not even close” to coming to a decision over whether to approve an agreement the Maloofs have to sell the Kings to a group in Seattle.

Here are the tweets from reporters who were live on the scene in New York.

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No recommendation yet on Kings future

The NBA’s joint relocation and finance committee concluded their special meeting in New York with no decision yet on the Kings’ fate.

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BREAKING: Spurs Owner Peter Holt says no recommendation was made by Finance/relo committes today.Bryan May
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Peter Holt, owners of Spurs and chairman of BOG, just left and said no recommendation was made today. …Bob Condotta
… said it’s a hard decision because it’s "two great cities.” Said expansion is not necessarily off the table. …Bob Condotta
Stern talking to media… Daniels
David Stern said decision likely 3 weeks away. Said Sacramento group is willing to put down a down paymentBryan May
… said it’s likely committee will meet again after this meeting, at some point in next week or two, to again discuss it. …Bob Condotta
Stern once again said expansion is not being discussed at the timeBryan May
Stern: Sacramento group willing to put down payment on #NBAKings. Says league owners have much deliberating left.Ryan Lillis
9 of the 12 owners on committees were in mtgs todayBryan May
Nine of 12 committee members were here. #NBAKings Leonsis, Arison and Grousbeck were NOT here.Chris Daniels
Stern: relo/finance committee will meet again late next week, then make #NBAKings recommendation. Final BOG vote 2-3 weeks awayRyan Lillis
Stern also said they will likely hold another board meeting at which each city would be given another chance "to address the board.”Bob Condotta
Stern said committee will meet again next week, either in person or via teleconference at which time it is "likely” to issue recommendationBob Condotta
Stern also said both sides will get one more chance to address owners before final vote.Bryan May
Stern on when a decision will be made: "I’d be charitable to say the first week of May, but it could slide a bit.”Bob Condotta
Spurs Holt says expansion is not off table, but was not discussed today.Bryan May
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