Reports say Frank Wren unlikely to be Red Sox GM

There has been some exasperation with fans this week suspecting that Frank Wren would be promoted to GM now that Mike Hazen has moved to Arizona. That news has been quieted today by Ken Rosenthal who commented that Wren is happy in his current job.

Wren is much to similar in mold to Dave Dombrowski and would likely be a bad choice in the GM job, but that said he’s still a voice in the decision making and one that leans on the old school model of acquiring older players and ignoring data analysis.

The Red Sox need a voice in the room aimed at breaking the mold and finding hidden talent and less on 30 year old players signed to big deals that will hurt the team when they hit 33 years of age. That said it’s not clear how much influence the new GM will have and if the team will stay in house or look outside.

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