Respect is earned

I love writing. I love sharing my love of hockey and my thoughts on the Coyotes with whoever is willing to read them. Do I consider myself a reporter or journalist? No. Would I like to be? Not necessarily. I would much rather be between the benches snapping photos but writing is my next great love.

I believe that hard work eventually pays off. I don’t think any one should work for free but understand that sometimes it is necessary to put in some time and energy in order to get paid. You get in what you put out. If you work hard, be kind and respectful, eventually you will get back paying gigs, kindness and respect. If you are constantly spewing hate towards a group, say a specific team or the media, you will not receive any respect in return because you don’t know how to give respect. Respect is earned in any industry.

I sometimes get busy and miss weeks on here. I think that is ok because I do this as a hobby. If I was paid, you can bet I would never miss a deadline. I would love to write more and have more access to the Coyotes but who am I to them? I am just a blogger. I have never seriously considered asking for a press pass. I just go to games, as a season ticket holder, research info online and put together pieces I like. At least I have a blog. I don’t just “report” on social media. I use social media as an extension of my blog. Not all of my thoughts require a full blog but some thoughts, like this, need more than social media can do.

I don’t hold this against the Coyotes. If I were ever to request press access and was denied? I would totally get it. I am not real press. I don’t plan to ever be real press. Why should I take that away from someone else who is actually a member of the media? If I were to receive access I would ask and research proper etiquette. I would in no way want to mess this chance up or embarrass myself. If I ever get to the point where I am writing more and being paid? Yes, then I could see where a press pass would be handy. I know if I want to be taken seriously, I have to put my best effort forth.

I have been doing this blog since 2007. I believe I have changed, matured and that my writing has also, especially as of late. I really do love writing and would love to incorporate it into my future business. I want to be a photographer and freelance writer. I work hard on pieces now in order to learn and grow as a writer. I even write for another website, for free, to get more work out there (besides on my own websites). I don’t mind writing for free, as long as I know I have a plan and a reason why I am doing it. I am not just on social media hoping someone eventually takes me seriously. You need to take yourself seriously and work hard before others will take you seriously.

I am looking forward to the start of hockey season this year. I hope that my few pieces this off-season were appreciated. I worked hard to push my writing to a new level. I plan to keep working hard during the season to bring you interesting articles on the Coyotes from my point of view. I want people to read and enjoy my writing and my, sometimes snarky, social media. I want to improve and grow as a writer. I know the only way to do this is to keep at it.

I may have had some struggles the past few years, but I am finally feeling like myself again. I feel passionate about hockey and writing again. I plan to bring you more articles this season and really push my writing. I want to earn your respect as a writer. I know I am not a journalist or reporter but I want to be thought of as a writer.

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