Ricky Rubio, I Know Why You’re Mad At The Timberwolves

Dear Ricky Rubio,

Recently, you threw the Timberwolves under the bus:

Heh, How dare you!

All kidding aside—seriously though, I know that’s not who you are—I could understand your sentiment.

Let’s read what you said:

On the difference between the Jazz and the Timberwolves:

“Of course in Minnesota we had a lot of guys who can score and I was more passing the ball,” Rubio said, per the Desert News. “Here we play more as a team … and that fits my game better.”

And then, more praises for the Jazz:

Rubio went on to say that he feels like this season with the Jazz is the best he’s played in the NBA. “A different system fits me better, and I’m playing better,” he said.

[Insert sad emoji]


When I read your quotes, Ricky Rubio, I couldn’t help but smile. I’m not—not even the slightest bit, nah!—disappointed.

Heh, I’m smiling as I write this sentence. Okay, let me put on my poker face: the question, Ricky Rubio, is why?

Why now?